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Early Pioneers and Settlers

Colonel Benjamin Hawkins’s 1796 Visit to Cass (Bartow) County – Keith S. Hébert

Walnut Grove and the Young Family – Jennifer Billingsley

Pox and Pig Iron, Matthew Gramling

Early Industry and Business

Cartersville’s Lost Furnace

Cartersville’s Railroad Car Manufacturing Age

Cooking Schools, Freezer Lockers and Canneries

Historic Railroads of Bartow County – Gio Martino

The Last Family Foundry, Joe Head

Memories of a Beloved Locomotive, From the Last Man Who Drove It (Empire Mill)

Train Wrecks of Bartow County – Joe Head

Civil War and Military Activity

The Civil War Reaches Bartow County, Article 1

The Decision to Abandon Cassville and Fall of Bartow, Article 2

Bartow Burns and an Old Flame Remembered, Article 3

The Civil War in Bartow County,  Article 4  

The Union Occupation of Bartow County, Article 5 – Trey Gains

The Battle of Allatoona Pass, Article, 6

Reconstruction Bartow County Following the Civil War – Article 7,  Dr. Keith Hebert

Emerson’s Forgotten Train Wreck – Joe Head

Etowah’s Camp Foster – Joe Head

General Ormsby – Mitchel-David Dundee

General Pierce Manning Butler Young (1836 – 1896)

General William T. Wofford (1824 – 1884)

Patriotism and Place Community, Commemoration, and Confederate Identity in Civil War Bartow County – Matthew Gramling

Perceptions of the Great Locomotive Chase, Nik Kekel

The Great Locomotive Chase Sesquicentennial Celebration – Joe Head

The Heart of the Chase – Joe Head

The Yonah Blows Again – Joe F. Head

Uriah Stephens Kingston’s Voice of Resistance

Politics, Communities and People

An Efficient Fire Department for the City of Cartersville – Sam Graham

Amos T Akerman – Guy Parmenter

Asa G. Candler – Joe F. Head

Ascension Church’s Beginnings: 1844 to 1907 – Peggy Brown

Cartersville’s Covid Chronicles – Debbie Head

Community Cornerstones: The Baptist Landscape in Bartow County, Georgia – Amy Young

Corra Harris Personal Letters, 1913 – 1925 Transcriptions – Jordan Gentry

Corra Harris: Forgotten Contradictions – Jordan Gentry

COVID-19 Not Bartow’s First Social Distancing Epidemic – Joe Head

Emerson – Sandy Lusk

Historic Newspapers of Bartow County – Joe Head

Jessica Daves: Bartow’s Historic Fashionista – Debbie Head


Mattie Lee Price, the Forgotten Georgia Wonder – Donna Lee Dicksson

Memories and the Meaning of Christmas in Bartow County  – Matthew Gramling


Where Was Sanfordville? – Sam Graham

Pretty Boy Floyd (July 13, 2003) – Dr. David Parker

Rebecca Felton, Columnist (March 31, 2002) – Dr. David Parker

Sam Jones, Columnist (Feb. 23, 2003) – Dr. David Parker

Sam Jones in Palestine   (May 18, 2003) – Dr. David Parker

Sam Jones Memorial United Methodist Church: Legacy of the Stained Glass Windows – Paige Oglesby

Some Facts About OAKLAND – Sam Graham

Spirits of Pine Log Mountain – Dr. Donna Coffee Little

The Abandoned “Paupers Cemetery” Bartow County Poor Farm and Paupers Cemetery – Sanford Chandler, Ed.D.

Tenant Farming in Bartow County, Josh Reed

The Dark Era of Bartow’s Chain Gang Camps

The Dress – Lisa M. Russell

The Evolution of Schools in Bartow County, Georgia – Elyse Hoganson

The Ghosts of Glen Holly – Lisa Russell

The Legend of Chain Gang Hill – Joe F Head

The Sam Jones Female College – Joe Head

1903 Gold Dome Court House History – David B. Parker

The Sam Jones Tabernacle – Joe Head

Tinsley Park – Guy Parmenter

Resources and Geography

Pleasure Trips to Bartow County’s Saltpeter Cave Following the Civil War – Joel M. Sneed

Nitrate Mining in Bartow County – Joel M. Sneed

Bartow’s Mining Legacy – Staci Lusk, Intern

Bartow Bibliography Resource List – Dr. Keith Herbet, Auburn University

Bartow’s Tunnel Mining Era Unearthed – Joe Head

Silent Voices From Salt Peter Cave – Joel M. Sneed

African American

The Vinnie Cabin Excavation

Rap Dixon, Negro League Standout

The Beach: A brief history of the George Washington Carver State Park – Alexis Carter

The Life and Times of Henry Clay Smith  – Alexis and Christopher  Mazique

Bartow Short Stories

These stories are historical excerpts and candid recollections of past events in Bartow County History. EVHS members are welcome to submit similar generational tales for consideration. Typically, these are historical incidences, recorded family stories, local legends, social interviews, instructional crafts or creditable oral history that have been passed down via diaries, genealogy, research, short stories or newsprint.

Break it Till You Make It, Flintknapping, Darrell Ross
Etowah River Historic Sites In Bartow County, Georgia – David Archer 
If you don’t eat it, I will (A Civil War Episode) – David Archer
Pioneer Citizen Recalled 1851 Cartersville – David G. Archer
Service To State and Country Is Legendary In Bartow County – David G. Archer
Some History of Cartersville – David Archer
The Etowah Indian Mounds AND General William T. Sherman – David Archer
The Unknown Heroes of the Battle of Allatoona – Joe Head
Eddie Lee Wilkens Interview Krys King
4 Way Lunch Memories