Akin, WarrenLetters of Warren Akin, Confederate congressmanAkin, WarrenAkin973.782 AKI
Archer, MatildaMatilda Archer story, Archer genealogy, TheBrantley, J. KennethArcher929.2 ARCHER BRA
Arp, BillAlias Bill Arp: Charles Henry Smith and the South's "Goodly heritage"Parker, David B.Arp814.4 ARP PAR
Aycock, James & RichardJames and Richard Aycock, their descendants, earliest settlers of Wilkes County, GeorgiaAycock, Jane EverlineAycock929.2 AYCOCK AYC
Barnsley, Godfrey Godfrey Barnsley, 1805-1873: British cotton factor in the SouthHoffman, Nelson M. (Nelson Miles)Barnsley338.17351 BARNSLEY HOF
BellMemorial of the clan of the BellsAbles, Ima Maxine WassonBell929.2 BELL MEM
Bell / Colstonfamilies of Thomas Marion Bell and Thomas Charles Colston, TheAbles, Ima Maxine WassonBell/Colston929.2 BELL FAM
Berry, MarthaMartha Berry: the Sunday lady of Possum TrotByers, TracyBerry371.967 BERRY BYE
Berry, MarthaMiracle in the mountainsKane, Harnett T. (Harnett Thomas)Berry370.92 KAN
Bostondash in time: a chronicle of the Bostons of Stamp Creek in Cass County, Georgia, ATaylor, Melissa LeachmanBoston929.2 BOSTON TAY
BourlandBourland bulletin (Galena, Mo.: 1993)Bourland SocietyBourland929.2 BOURLAND BOU 1978-84
Bradley, W.H.Phases of life: memoirs of Woodrow H. Bradley from World War Two and observations on life in the present dayBradley, Woodrow H.History - Bradley, W.H.
Brooks / TimmonsBrooks / Timmons family: the Civil War and beyond, a collection of facts and lore, TheSims, Kyle BretBrooks/Timmons929.2 BROOKS BRO
CantrellThomas Wilson Cantrell family genealogy, TheGreen, Flonnie CantrellCantrell929.2 CANTRELL THO
Childers / ChildressChilders/Childress family in America, TheLee, Victor LavonChilders/Childress929.2 CHILDERS LEE
Cobb, TyTy CobbMcCallum, John DennisCobb796.357 COBB MCC
Cooper, Mark AnthonyMark Anthony Cooper: the iron man of Georgia: a biographyPope, Mark Cooper, IIICooper921 COOPER POP
Cooper, Mark Anthonypublic career of Mark Anthony Cooper: a thesis submitted to the faculty of the graduate school of Emory University, TheBritt, Ruth PattersonCooper975.8623 COOPER BRI
CorbinCorbin homesteaders: the Leachmans of this lost community in Cass County, GeorgiaTaylor, Melissa LeachmanCorbin929.2 LEACHMAN TAY
CrawfordCrawford exchange, ThePublisher: Whisler CreationsCrawford929.2 CRAWFORD CRA V.9
Daniel, Isaac B.Isaac B. Daniel of Randolph County, Alabama and his descendents 1st ed.Ketter, Dorthy MillionDaniel, Isaac B.929.2 DANIELS KET
Daniel, Williamdescendants of "our elusive" William Daniel, TheAnderson, Connie CliftonDaniel, William929.2 DANIELS AND
DavisDavis: "the settlers of Salem, West Virginia" (their ancestors and some of their descendants)Nicholson, Susie DavisDavis929.2 DAVIS NIC
Davis-WoodDavis-Wood family of Gadsden County, Florida, and their forebears, TheAvant, Fenton Garnett DavisDavis-Wood929.2 DAVIS AVA
Dewey (2 copies)Push the button: the chronicle of a professor's wifeDewey, Maybelle JonesDewey921 DEWEY DEW
Dickeylegend of Dickey Hollow, TheDickey, Edward GrayDickey929.2 DICKEY DIC
EdwardsEdwards journal, TheNelson, ElaineEdwards Vol. 1-3929.2 EDWARDS EDW V.1-3
EdwardsEdwards Journal, TheNelson, ElaineEdwards Vol. 5929.2 EDWARDS EDW V.5
FloydLife and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd Pretty Boy, TheWallis, MichaelFloyd
Ford, John Perley (Dr.)Dr. John Perley Ford, 1794-1869: his life and times, ancestors, descendants, and allied families, 1635-1994Ford, Robert W.Ford929.2 FORD FOR
GainesHistory of the Gaines family: one line from 1620 to the present time, 1918Gaines, Lewis PendletonGaines929.2 GAINES GAI
GilmoreGilmore Genealogical Newsletter, TheGilmore, Wm. R. (William Ronald)Gilmore929.2 GILMORE GIL 1985-1988
GordyEvolution of a Potter: conversations with Bill GordyLaub, Lindsey KingGordy738.092 GORDY LAU
GroceGroce Family NewsletterPublisher: Multi-Family PublicationsGroce929.2 GROCE GRO V.1
HamblenHamblen Connector: From Sea to Shining Sea, ThePublisher: John W. HamblenHamblen929.2 HAMBLEN HAM V.1
HardenHarden NewsletterHarden Family AssociationHarden929.2 HARDEN HAR V.1-2
HarperAdelle Bartlett Harper's family lines; a loving tribute to our southern heritageHarper, Adelle BartlettHarper929.2 HARPER HAR
Harris, CorraCorra Harris, Lady of PurposeTalmadge, John ErwinHarris813.52 HARRIS TAL
HawkesHawkes talks: Genealogical Bulletin of the Adam Hawkes Family Association, IncAdam Hawkes Family Assn.Hawkes Bulletin 1982-1985929.2 HAWKES ADA APR.1982-APR.1985
HawkesHawkes talks: Genealogical bulletin of the Adam Hawkes Family Association, IncAdam Hawkes Family Assn.Hawkes Bulletin Vol. 19-20929.2 HAWKES ADA V.19-20
HilliardHilliard HistoryPublisher: Ted C. HilliardHilliard Vol. 2-7929.2 HILLIARD HIL V.2-7
HolcombHolcombs of America, TheHolcomb Vol. 1929.2 HOLCOMB HOL V.1
HortonHorton family chronicles, TheHorton, William HerbertHorton929.2 HORTON HOR
HowlandHowland Quarterly, TheHowland Vol. 43-46929.2 HOWLAND HOW V.43-46
HoytHoyt's IssueHoyt 1985-86929.2 HOYT HOY 1985-86
HufstetlerWe Descended from Adam: a Hufstetler GenealogyPuckett, RobertHufstetler929.2 HUFSTETLER WE
JettJett Trails WestJett, Lois M. & Jett, Ernest C.Jett
JohnsonGreatness Without Fame, a History and Genealogy of Johnson Story and Related LinesJohnson
JonesOur family's book of booksJones, Louise Dale RayJones929.2 JONES JON
Jones, Robert Harris (Col.) & Lucinthia Elizabeth Cotton Jonesvery personal glimpse of the Civil War era from 1849 to 1863, as told in letters and documents of my great grandparents, Col. Robert Harris Jones and wife Lucinthia Elizabeth Cotton Jones, AJones, Robert HarrisJones, Robt.975.8365 JONES JON
Jones, Sam P. 2 copieslife and sayings of Sam P. Jones, TheJones, Laura McElwainJones, Sam P. 269.2092 JONES JON
Jones, Samuel GambleSamuel Gamble Jones family: from the notebooks of Lucy Cunyus Mulcahy, TheCunyus, Lucy JosephineJones, Samuel G.929.2 JONES SAM
LigonLigon family and connections, TheLigon, William D.Ligon929.2 LIGON LIG
Mackay / McKayClan Mackay: a Celtic resistance to feudal superiorityMacDougall, Margaret O.Mackay/McKay929.2 MCKAY MAC
MaddoxDescendants of Edward Jefferson Maddox, Jr.: north Georgia pioneerDillman, Caroline MathenyMaddox929.2 DIL
Marshall, PeterMan Called Peter; The Story of Peter Marshall, AMarshall, CatherineMarshall922.573 MAR
McCartyMcCarty CousinsPublisher: J.E. KnoxMcCarty Vol. 1929.2 MCCARTY MCC V.1
McElroyMcElroy Family Newsletter, TheMcElroy929.2 MCELROY MCE APR.1980-AUG.1980
Moon, LottieHer Own Way: The Story of Lottie MoonMonsell, Helen AlbeeMoon266.61 MOON MON
Moon, LottieLottie Moon Cook Book; recipes used by Lottie Moon, 1875-1912 Ê[1st ed.]Moon, LottieMoon641.5975 LOT
Moon, LottieNew Lottie Moon Story 2nd ed., TheAllen, Catherine B.Moon266.61 MOON ALL
NathmanNathman Family History: the descendants of Bernard Heinrich Nathman and Maria Francisca Gerding, TheNathman, Barbara MouserNathman929.2 NAT
PaynePayne Family, TheThe American Genealogical Research InstitutePayne
PricePrices of America, TheDe Rossitt, Alice MacmillanPrice Vol. 4-5929.2 PRICE PRI V.4-5
PricePrices of America, TheDe Rossitt, Alice MacmillanPrice Vol. 5-7929.2 PRICE PRI V.5-7
RadfordRadford Ramblings: a Family History of the Descendants of William and Mary Milton Radford (including some of the families which connect by marriage)Harvill, Ruth RadfordRadford929.2 RADFORD HAR
RichardsRichards Story, TheHamrick, J. R.Richards929.2 RICHARDS RIC
SandGeorge Sand: The Search for LoveHowe, Marie JenneySand843.8 SAND HOW
ShapleyShapley Connection: a newsletter devoted to the history and genealogy of the Shapley family and its connecting lines, ThePublisher: B.J.L. BerryShapley 1988929.2 SHAPLEY SHA 1988
ShapleyShapley Connection: a newsletter devoted to the history and genealogy of the Shapley family and its connecting lines, ThePublisher: B.J.L. BerryShapley 1989929.2 SHAPLEY SHA 1989
Smith, GipsyGipsy Smith: His Life and Work (1902)Smith, GipsySmith, Gipsy 1902270.81092 SMITH SMI
Smith, GipsyGipsy Smith: His Life and Work (1911)Smith, GipsySmith, Gipsy 1911270.81092 SMITH SMI
Stanley (2 copies)Rough Road in a Good Land, AStanley, Lawrence L.Stanley929.2 STANLEY STA
StarnesGrandfathers of the Starnes familyStarnes, Darryl F.Starnes929.2 STARNES STA
Starnes, AlbertHigh Flight: the Military Career of Lt. Col. Albert Starnes, United States Air ForceStarnes, Darryl F.Starnes, Albert358.4 STA
StilesStiles Family in America: Genealogies of the Connecticut Family: Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn., and of Mr. Francis Stiles, of Windsor and Stratford, Conn., 1635-1894 ...: with contributions to the genealogies of some New York and Pennsylvania families, TheStiles, Henry ReedStiles929.2 STILES STI
Stout / KembleJames Pindall Stout, 1819-1903 and Burthena Shackelford Kemble, 1824-1908, their ancestors and descendantsStout, KembleStout/Kemble929.2 STOUT STO
StricklandStrickland SceneCornell, Nancy JonesStrickland Vol. 5-6929.2 STRICKLAND STR V.5-6
StroupHistory of Stroup family 1660Jackson, John ReubenStroup929.2 STROUP HIS
TaffTaff and Descendants (Peter & James Taff)3-Ring BinderTaff
Talmadge, Herman 2 copiesTalmadge, a Political Legacy, a Politician's Life: a MemoirTalmadge, Herman E. (Herman Eugene)Talmadge, Herman Keep328.73 TALMADGE TAL
TateTate and Allied Families of the SouthUpdike, Ethel S.Tate
TaylorTaylor Quarterly, TheTaylor Vol. 1929.2 TAYLOR TAY V.1
TuckerTuckers of America, TheTucker Vol. 2929.2 TUCKER TUC V.1
TumlinTumlin: a Compilation of Descendants of John Tumlin of South Carolina (listed as head of a household in the 1790 census for Edgefield County, South Carolina)Tumlin, Violet CriderTumlin929.2 TUMLIN TUM
TumlinTumlin Supplement, February 20063-Ring BinderTumlin
WoffordHistory of the Wofford family: direct descendants of Captain Joseph WoffordWait, Jane WoffordWofford929.2 WOFFORD WAI
WoolforkWoolfolk Tragedy: the murders, the trials, the hanging, and now, finally, the truth!DeLoach, CarolynWoolfork364.1523 DEL
YoungGeorgia Pioneer and Some of His Descendants, AHand, Emma Kate YoungYoung929.2 YOUNG HAN
Young, P.M.B. (Gen.)General P.M.B. Young, Early Cass County, History3-Ring Binders (9 binders)Young, P.M.B.