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Bartow County Oral Histories

In 2005-2006, a county wide inventory of Bartow’s historic sites was completed. One of the unexpected findings of the inventory was the number of individuals that have an important story to tell. The sense of urgency to document these stories was shared by the Etowah Valley Historical Society and the Bartow History Museum.  For this purpose, the Oral History Committee was formed.

The mission of the Oral History Committee is to preserve local history by means of audio and video recordings that will be available for historical research.  Our oral histories are physical links to the past that provide meaning to the present and continuity to the future.

Serving as the project’s first co-chairmen were Trey Gaines and Genie Jolly Certain.

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Are you interested in providing your Oral History for our project? Please fill out the release form linked below and send it to evhs@evhsonline.org

Woodrow Bradley

My Life and WWII Experiences
February 2, 2017
Interviewed by Steve Bradley

William “Bill” Shadden

William “Bill” Shadden: His Life and Banking in Cartersville
February 26, 2011
Interviewed by Tina Shadden

Warren Akin

Warren Akin – His Life and Family History
January 27, 2007
Interviewed by David Archer

Thomas Champion

Thomas Champion: His Life and Family in Cartersville
November 9, 2008
Interviewed by Herschel Wisebram

Taste of Africa

Taste of Africa
February 2019
Presented by Etowah Valley Historical Society’s African American History Initiative.

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