Need a program speaker?

Etowah Valley Historical Society offers a variety of expert speakers that are ideal for schools, civic clubs, churches or community events that may require a resource person to speak about Bartow County History. Lectures are often accompanied with power point presentations, visual aids, artifacts or other features. Programs can be adjusted to fit any schedule from 20 minutes to an hour. Fees are not expected, but may be dependent upon the speaker, however donations to EVHS are appreciated.

Call 770-606-8862 to request a speaker

Sample topics:

  • History of Bartow County
  • Selected Civil War events in Bartow County
  • Mining history in Bartow County
  • Native American history of the Etowah Valley
  • African American history of Bartow County
  • The Great Locomotive Chase in Bartow County
  • Iron Furnaces in Bartow County
  • Train Wrecks of Bartow County
  • Historic homes of Bartow County
  • Historic Railroads of Bartow County
  • Prominent Personalities of Bartow County
  • Geology and ores of Bartow County
  • Historic Businesses of Bartow County
  • Legacies of Reverend Sam Jones
  • Early schools and churches of Bartow County

Some of our ready speakers include: Guy Parmenter, Joe Head, Dianne Tate, Alexis Carter, Diane Mooney, Carl Etheridge and Stan Bearden.

Program Speakers