Mission of EVHS

The mission of the Etowah Valley Historical Society is to promote historical preservation, provide educational programs, public lectures, field trips, and a digital platform  designed to create awareness and sustain Bartow county heritage and traditions.

EVHS Member Benefits
EVHS members who are current with dues enjoy these and other Society benefits. (See the Membership link for benefits and levels)
– Member only field trips, picnics, dinners and lectures
– Quarterly Newsletters
– Office based research materials
– Voice in preservation initiatives
– Access to restricted venues (homes and historic locations)
– Opportunity to publish and present Bartow County history
– Committee & project engagements to foster Bartow heritage

Donate Now!

EVHS is a 501 C3, volunteer organization. Monetary contributions are necessary and welcome to continue our work. Please consider joining and making an annual contribution to help preserve Bartow County history.


Distinctive Roles

As a volunteer organization EVHS enjoys a variety of distinctive community roles

  • Serves as the official community voice to the Bartow County Government for preservation issues
  • Bi-annual tour of historic homes
  • Historic properties registry & Heritage Signage Program
  • Educational website with interactive features
  • Bartow History Scholar  Program and Quiz Bowl
  • Research and publishing venue
  • Oral History Program
  • Field trips to rare, local sites of historical interest
  • Intern venue for academic credit with colleges & schools
  • Newsletter and social media outreach
  • African American History Initiative
  • Public history lectures open to the public
  • Non-profit standing
  • Speakers’ Bureau 

EVHS Accomplishments

1975 – Etowah Valley Historic District placed on National Register

1976 – Euharlee Militia District Courthouse Restoration

1982 – Historic Bartow County, Circa 1828-1866 published

1983 – Tour of Antebellum Homes

1985 – Grand Theatre placed on National Register

1990 – Georgia Trust Ramble hosted

1992 – National Trail of Tears Conference hosted Heritage Sign Program established

1993 – Vaughan Cabin Project established Bartow County, Georgia, Formerly Cass Cemeteries published

1994 – A History of Old Cassville published Georgia Civil War Commission hosted 1903 Courthouse Office opened Tour of Historic Homes and Churches

1995 – Allatoona Pass, A Needless Effusion of Blood published Allatoona Pass Battlefield Project established

Tour of Historic West Avenue Homes

1996 – Collection of Georgia county histories and rare books implemented

1997 – Vaughan Cabin Project completed

In and Out of the Lines republished

Tour of Historic West Cherokee Avenue and upper Cassville Road Homes

1998 – Allatoona Pass Battlefield Master Preservation Plan completed

1999 – Tour of Historic Homes

“Salute To Mining”

2000 – Georgia Trust Ramble hosted

2001 – “Hills of lron”

Annual Celebration Tour of Historic “Olde Town” Homes

2002 – National Trail of Tears Conference

Hosted Friendship Cemetery preservation project established

Web-site established

30th anniversary of Society celebrated at Valley View

2003 – Tour of historic homes “Come Harvest our History” Celebration of 100th Anniversary of 1903 Courthouse

2004 – Georgia Department of Natural Resources, sponsored Kingston historic resources survey completed

2005 – County-wide Historic Inventory begins, Family History Research goes online, Re-dedication of 1903 Courthouse, Antebellum Tour of Homes

2006 – Oral History project begins

Reprinting of rare poetry book by the Cherokee author, John Rollins Ridge

2007 – Tour of Homes – Cartersville “Olde Town” Allatoona Pass Battlefield turned over to Red Top Mountain State Park

2008 – EVHS becomes a part of Bartow Zoning Process

2009 – Tour of Historic Cherokee Avenue Homes

2011 – Tour of Homes “In and Around Main”

2012 – EVHS establishes Bartow History Scholar Program in local Middle Schools 

2014 – Tour of Homes “Cassville, Georgia”

2015 – Downtown Cartersville listed on the National Trust of Historic Places

Established Bartow Author’s Corner

Georgia Trust Award Winner for both the Norton Family and Bartow History Scholar Program, First Bartow History Scholar Quiz Bowl

2016 – Established Family Friendly Field Trip Series, Sketches of Bartow County published, Tour of Homes – “The West End”

2017 – EVHS establishes relationship with LakePoint Station

EVHS Co-sponsors African American Quilt Documentation Project and Sculpture

2018 – EVHS establishes African American History Initiative Committee

Co-sponsors Adairsville  Society Hill Tour of Homes

Publishes Come Back to the Table Cookbook

2021 – Acquired Cherokee period In the Valley Property (former home of Corra Harris)