EVHS Metal Detecting Participant Policy Protocol and Procedures:

EVHS encourages the preservation, education and discovery of Bartow County History using a variety of methods including the addition of a metal detecting group.

Participation in this select group requires official membership in the Society and must be in good standing regarding current dues and contact information. Participants must properly register with the metal detecting organization’s coordinator and sign a liability waiver that also acknowledges conduct and procedures.

Detectors understand that hunts are only approved according to the following terms:

  1. Hunt only in pre-approved properties that have been prearranged by EVHS in advance.
  2. Liability waivers must be signed in advance for each hunt.
  3. Hunts are conducted as groups (2 or more) on a designated date on a designated property.
    Participants may not independently conduct hunts using the EVHS name.
  4. Participants may not independently return to properties after the hunt without owners express consent.
  5. Any items found remain the possession of the property owner or EVHS until assigned by property owner or EVHS to the finder.
  6. The participant agrees to hold harmless the group coordinator, Society and property owner.
  7. Participants will stay in designated area(s) specified by property owner and coordinator,
    Violations of the above may disqualify the individual from participation.
  8. Participant agrees to operate under an honor system and code of conduct that promotes a standard of best practices in the field of metal detecting.

group of metal detector users