Joel M. Sneed

Entrance to Kingston Saltpeter Cave

Entrance to Kingston Saltpeter Cave (Linda Pye photo)


As a part of our study of Kingston Saltpeter Cave in the 1980s, inscriptions were recorded from the walls of the cave, and these – nearly 500 names, some with dates and other information – were included as an Appendix in my 2007 book, Bartow County Caves: History Underground in North Georgia. These names, and the record of a visit to the cave by people over a period of 200 years, had been written with charcoal or scratched into the walls throughout the cave. Although we had systematically recorded these inscriptions so that none would be missed, we found a few years ago that we had, indeed, overlooked an entire wall of writing.

How this was brought to our attention was by Mrs. Joan Creviston having found online a video of the cave that had been made by Kevin and Shannon Glenn, members of the KSC Committee of the National Speleological Society. The video had panned across a wall where the name “Jodie Hill 1935” was clearly shown. Mr. Hill was an uncle of Joan’s and she wanted to visit the cave to see the inscription. Joan and her husband then accompanied me to the cave, where we found that wall. A follow-up trip was made, which included Joe Head, also a nephew of Mr. Hill. Following that trip Joe purchased a copy of the book, and upon inspection of the Appendix listing names from the cave, found that the inscription of Jodie Hill was not shown and he informed me of such. I later recorded all of the names from that wall, and they are published herewith.

In addition to those inscriptions, I have now recorded several that were not on the original survey because they were covered over by soot and not visible. These are found on the ceiling of a passage that is now about eight feet high, but at the time they were written, prior to the intensive excavation for nitrates during the 1860s, the passage was only a few feet in height. To find and record these I carried into the cave a short stepladder, and, protected by goggles and mask, I carefully brushed away the soot, exposing pre-Civil War inscriptions. Hereby was discovered the oldest inscription in the cave, that of a John W. Bank, dated 1802.

It is hoped that by publishing these names someone will recognize a name that is familiar to them, perhaps a relative or a person with whom they are otherwise familiar, and report it to this writer. Likewise with names previously published in the Bartow caves book. Joe Head has set a good example by sending me the following information about his uncle whose name is on the wall recently recorded:

                                       Jodie L. Hill (Nov. 5, 1919 – Feb. 20, 2016)

Jodie was a native of Bartow County and the son of William and Ludie Hill. He was a veteran of WWII having stormed the beaches at Normandy France where he received the Purple Heart. Following the war Jodie became an insurance executive becoming vice president of the Life and Casualty Insurance Company in Nashville TN. While in Nashville, Jodie met many country singers and performed as a back-up fiddler for the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium. He was married three times and had two children, Jodilynn and Vickie, by his second wife Myra Spivy Hill. Jodie was an entrepreneur and a historian. In the mid 1990s, he purchased and restored the Corra Harris property in Rydal, Georgia known as “In the Valley” and later donated it to Kennesaw State University. Jodie received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Etowah Valley Historical Society in 2009.

Cave wall with the Jodie Hill inscription (Joan Creviston photo)

In my study of caves in Bartow County, and learning of the involvement of Corra Harris in the protection of early Native Artifacts from Bradford Cave, I sought out Mr. Hill since he at that time was the owner of the property that Mrs. Harris had owned, and he was arguably the person most familiar with that lady. Mr. Hill graciously spent an afternoon with me, telling me about Mrs. Harris and showing me around the property.

KINGSTON SALTPETER CAVE INSCRIPTIONS 2019 Newly-Discovered Names Not Included In Original 2007 Transcription



Bagwell H E    
Bailey R D    
Boyle M H   Dec 9 (section of small rock ledge broken off) w/ Lakes
Carkidge (?) W H    
Choate Zim 1954 Group a
Clark John 1935 May 12 Alto, Ga
Cobb Disha (?) 1934 Crossville, Ala w/ V Z Cobb
Cobb V Z 1934 Crossville, Ala w/ Disha Cobb
Colbert William 1908 Dec 13 Age 21 w/ Martin, Gaines, Reg…
Culverhouse Walter 1939 Mar 21 Forsyth, Ga
Earnest Eva    
Fishback J F 1939 2-Apr
Gaines G Hollie    
Gaines Hollie 1908 Dec 13 Sweet 16 Kingston, Ga w/ Martin, Reg…, Colbert
Gilbreath J E 1908 11-Jul
H Clyde    
Hanie Bob 1955 with Jim Meyer
Hill Jodie 1935  
Jakes Hollis A 1882  
Jefferson T A    
Jefferson T A 1908 July – with W (?) Petty
King… Ralph   Dec 11 year not legible
Lakes C R   Dec 9 (section of small rock ledge broken off) w/ Boyle
Laudermilk Ruth   Group a (assume 1954)
Martin Fannie Lee    
Martin Fannie Lee 1908 Dec 13 Valdosta Age 17 w/ Gaines, Reg…, Colbert
Meyer Jim 1955 with Bob Hanie
Milner Hal    
Neville H J   Aug 16 New Orleans
Olivera Loyd 1934 Dec 11 Crossville, Ala
Petty Francis 1919  
Petty W (?) 1908 July – with T A Jefferson
Pruitt D.E.    
Pruitt Eckert Bailey    
Reg… M J 1908 Dec 13 Age 42 w/ Martin, Gaines, Colbert
Richmond Gus 1933 with Kenneth Richmond
Richmond Kenneth 1933 with Gus Richmond
Rollons (?) J D   Group a (assume 1954)
Rouse R H 1910 Aug 21 Gulfport
Ruff Lumpkin   Group a (assume 1954)
Sanford Rena   Group a (assume 1954)
Shifflet R L    
Soulis Arthur 1939 includes flag with CHS on it
Soulis Arthur 1939  
Spradley C E 1929  
Spratit H G    
St… M D 1926 Jun 22 Fitzgerald, Ga
Str…(?) M D    
Vaughan Homer 1929 April (date obscured)
Weave C?H?J   Group a (assume 1954)
Wheat F   Kingston
White A J   with Arthur White and Br.. White
White Br..(?)   with A J White and Arthur White
White Arthur   with A J White and Br.. White


W M B 1812  
Cranreh (?) A C    
Wright B H(or W)   possibly Bright
Bank John W 1802 on top of this is a large “N” w/ 1841
Be_ords (?) JoTon (?) H 1811  
Burch Mollie G   could be Bunch
Lyman   1833 2 other lines of small cursive writing
Chunn W A   could be Chann
Brown T E 1847  
    1855 no name
    1856 no name

This research has been compiled to preserve the list of pioneers and early visitors who left an inscription of their visit to the cave before they are lost to natural deterioration or vandalism. It is very likely that many of these people may have explored and toiled in the cave or once enjoyed the legendary dances that were once held in the large chamber in the 1930s. Some of the names represent historic figures and community leaders who ventured in to one of Bartow’s most iconic natural features.

For those who do not have the Bartow Caves book, the following is the list that appears in the book as Appendix 1:

? Jerry 1952 “Lindsay” etched; possibly last name
? Roberta    
? ? 1856 Name is illegible
? ? 1913 Illegible due to spray paint
? Charles    
? Charlene 1938  
? Myrt   Reads “Myrt the Flirt”
? Jewel 1845 Etched, covered with soot
? EPL 1895 Yellow paint over some signatures at this point
? J.B. 1895  
? H F Y   “Y” is backwards. At 5′ level many signatures not readable
? R.G. 1913  
? Sallie   with other, illegible, names
? Bessie   with Alexander and Hutson
? Patty 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
? Burton 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
? Miss Cora    
? Miss J    
? Bette    
? Margie 1879 7/27/1879; w/ Bessie Crawford and Marie Headen
? Joseph 1894 ?/21/1894; w/ Milams, Sneed and Hays
?F? Floyd 1852  
?man Shirley 1941 Rome, Ga.;9/28/1941; w/ 3 others same date
A B 1904 8/24/1904 w/ TD
A. F. 1967 Etched
Adair Charles D. 1834 11/1834; written twice (etched)
Adams O?    
Akin Mr. D 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Alexander Kate   appears very old
Alexander Kate   with Bessie(?) and Hutson
Alford Homer 1938 2/6/1938
Archer Russell 1915 May be associated with G.G.M.
Atwood Sam T    
Atwood Sam T   written twice
Ayers Lester 1931  
B Allen    
B Harry 1901 8/2/1901
B Ellen    
B S A 1899 Kingston, Ga., Age 72
B. E.M. 1929 Could be E.A.B.
B. B.H. 1967 Etched
B? Cranson   above Ms. Munford w. 4 others illegible
Barkin Jeff    
Barrett Joe 1877 w/ F.C. McDaniel
Barton J A 1895 1/11/1895; w/ Neal Young
Bates D F   776 Beardsley St., Akron, Ohio
Be ? (Beam?) Tom    
Beale R A   w/ J M Carver
Benton H.    
Benton ? Henry   written in script; probably same as H. Benton written next to it
Black Mildred 1941  
Blanton Pet? 1899 6/16/1899
Boy Scouts of Amer.   1915 7/17/1915; Calhoun, Ga.
Boyless (?) E.   Same style as Johnson, H.F.
Bradley ? 1923  
Bradley Amoret?   reads “Amoret (?) Grant Bradley, Wilmington, NC”
Brannen K 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Brating(?) Hattie    
Brennan? Wm. C 1844 12/28/1844
Bridge J L   w/ J T Bridge
Bridge J T   19??/4/?; w/ J L Bridge
Brown D.W. 1938 Rome,
Brown D.W. 1938  
Brown D W 1938 Rome
Brown Harry 1941  
Brown Lessie B    
Bryson J.J. 1938 12/??/1938; below this is the date Oct.13, 40
Bryson Rebecca 1938  
Bryson ? 1938 Date could read 1939
BSA   1919  
Bu? Mrs. C A   to right is “N 1841” etched
Bunch Eddie 1962 8/20/1962
Burdette Jas M 1914 w/ Word (Ward)
Burton Cicero   1892 near this
Butler Jim   7/24/1?15
Campbell Dawson 1896  
Campbell Pearce   Stone Mountain
Carter J D 1917 ?/6/1917
Carver J M   w/ R A Beale
Chaney ? 1938  
Chapin Judd    
Chapman A 1838 5/18/1838; writing in ochre
Choate Hal    
Clark John 1935 5/12/1935
Clay Will 1899 5/1899
Clover? Miss O 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Cobb V.J.   Crossville, Ala.
Cobb J.S. 1899 5/17/1899
Cobb V.J.   Crossville, Ala.
Cobb R C    
Cochran     Kingston, GA
Colbert J S    
Colbert J S 1894 5/1894; w/ Patterson, Godfrey and Frank
Collin? J H M    
Collins Sophie    
Collins C    
Collins James ?    
Conley ?   2/18/????
Conley Ethel   Cartersville, Ga.
Cook Bill   written twice
Copeland J C   etched
Cornell   1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Cothman Eduth 1938 1/2/1938
Crain? Nellie    
Cranford LouAnn 1896 Could be Crawford
Cranston   1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Cranton(?) Addie    
Crawford Patty    
Crawford Jack    
Crawford J B 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36) could be Cranford
Crawford   1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36) could be Cranford
Crawford Bessie 1911 7/27/1911; Cassville, Ga.
Crawford Bessie 1879 7/27/1879; w/ Marie Headen and Margie ?
Crosby Wm K H   2/18/????
Crow W.W.    
Crowe Vera 1913  
Crowe Vera 1933 7/19/1933; w/ R E Hamby
Culverhouse Walter 1939 3/21/1939
Currier J M 1875 ?/12/1875
D T 1904 8/24/1904 w/ BA
D. Lucille 1904 8/13/1904
Dallis G D 1877 etched
Davidson J P 1899 8/5/1899; w/ M.H. Stiles
Davies H 1956 Atlanta
Dear M    
Dearing H   18??; etched Roman style
Dickson W J 1915 4/3/1915; Fairmont, Ga. Rte 3; w/ Edwards and Livingston
Dodd Mattie 1895  
Doster Larry   19??
Doster Larry 1965  
Dun? J H    
E C F 1918 large block letters
Edwards Chester? 1915 4/3/1915; w/ Dickson and Livingston
Ely? J W   etched
Evans Emma 1928 12/5/1928
Evans Emma 1928 12/5/1928; on formation!
Fitzsimmons Mrs. J.B.    
Floyd M.N. 1876  
Floyd Bobby 1954 1954-1955
Foster B G 1899 5/1899
Frank H F 1894 5/1894; w/ Patterson, Colbert and Godfrey
Freeman J W 1843 etched printing
Frost Fritz   Written in pencil
G B T 1889  
Gaines     12/13/??08
Gains? T W 1899 5/1899
Gall Bobby 1955  
Gann K.C. 1938  
Gann R.C.    
Gardrough? A B 1814  
Garner M.M.    
Garwood W J    
Gavins?   1876  
Gilbert Sam L. 1902  
Gilbert H A 1935 CCC
Gilliam H B 1900 11/7/1900; may be w/ Jos. Emory Hargis
Gilreath Hugh    
Gilreath Hugh 1844 w/ Pittard, Smith and Moncrief
Godfrey F.B. 1899 5/17/1899
Godfrey F B    
Godfrey F B 1894 5/1894; w/ Patterson, Colbert and Frank
Goulding C.H. 1858  
Goulding J C 1845 Columbus, Ga.
Goulding C H 1858 w/ J T Groves and A C Willy
Grant Amoreh   Wilmington, N.C.
Greene Arthur 1938 Arthur from Plainsville, Ga.
Greene Arthur 1938 Plainsville, Ga.
Griffin E 1878  
Griffin R E 1896 8/19/1896; w/ Ware RCO and CF
Gris Doug    
Grogan J.W.    
Gros… Hugh    
Groves R C 1913 Date could be 1813
Groves J.T. 1858  
Groves? J T 1858 w/ C H Goullding and A C Willy
Guthrie Walter    
H Madge    
H R   ??40; scratched
H. C.   Written in charcoal pencil
Hagin ? 1901  
Hall Russell 1938 2/??/1938
Hall John D. 1876 8/2?/1876
Hamby R E 1933 7/19/1933; w/ Vera Crowe
Harbin Odessa   Printed and etched
Hardin J F 1861 etched, Roman style
Hargin R O   possibly Hargis
Hargis Jos. Emory 1900 11/7/1900
Hargis ? 1899 8/4/1899
Hargis Emory 1899 8/4/1899
Hargrove W    
Harris Ella   8/4/18??
Harris? T W    
Harry W W    
Hawkin Billy 1938  
Hawkins Billy    
Hawkins Billy 1935 w/ Fred Mills
Hayes Ela 1938  
Haynes ?    
Hays? Effie  1894 ?/21/1894; w/ Milams and Sneed
Headden J. 1857 9/5/1857; Etched, printed in Roman style
Headden     w/ Patton
Headden     w/ Patton
Headdin ? G H 1913 Date could be 1813
Headdon G H 1903  
Headen Marie 1879 7/27/1879; w/ Bessie Crawford and Margie ?
Henderson Marvin    
Henley Hilda    
Herrington Miss Callie   w/ Mary and Miss Pearl Rollins
Ho? Fannie Lee    
Hogan J.C. 1938  
Holmes Lewis 1962 8/24/1962
Hood F H    
Howell James 1915 3/31/1915
Howell H C   w/ M L Moss 1934
Howren Johnny 1941 8/10/1941
Hudson H A   on Jug formation
Huger L.P. 1863 etched
Huger L P    
Hugh J.    
Hutson Thorn   with Bessie(?) and Alexander
Hyde ? John   w/ Ms. Mary Ma?
Ingram Billy 1957 12/28/1957; w/ J? Ingram
Ingram J? 1957 12/28/1957; w/ Billy Ingram
Jack? J B   could be associated with Billy Hawkins, 1935
James Bill 1965 8/9/1965; along w/ Jimmy ’56
Johnson Jacob 1805 3/16/1805; old script. Group w/ McCarthy(?) and Morgan
Johnson ? 1845 Etched, covered with soot
Johnson R.H. 1896  
Johnson J C    
Johnson H.F.    
Johnson H.F. 1895 5/29/1895
Johnson H.F.   Town…LaGrange, Ga.
Johnson L 1894 11/10/1894
Johnson     Kingston
Johnson Millie   Kingston
Jolley Estelle    
Jolley E.C.    
Jolley E C    
Jones W.R.   Etched old style printing
Jones A.S.   ??04/05/15 etched
Jones Mike 1968  
Jones G L   4/14/??18; w/ H. Thompson
Jones Sallie   old looking; etched
Jones Marie 1941 Rome, Ga.;9/28/1941; w/ 3 others same date
Jordan Dixie/Elmer    
Jordan Josephine    
K L B      
Kramer S R    
Kubback? W.W. 1863 12/7/1863
Lambert, Jr. E C 1922 11/25/1922
Langford J R 1913 “______, Ga”
Lawson ? 1901  
Leake A E 1855 Marietta, Ga.
Leffell(?) Stewart M   From Xenia, Ohio
Lewis J W   Atlanta, Ga.
Linderson Betty 1941 8/10/1941 reads “plus Johnny Howren”
Lit? B 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Litchfield L.C.    
Livingston J T 1915 4/3/1915; w/ Dickson and Edwards
Lloyd Ed 1941 Rome, Ga.;9/28/1941; w/ 3 others same date
Lockridge Tom 1894 9/2/1894; has “jr.” after last name
Lockridge Doug   may be with Tom Lockridge
Lockridge Charlie    
Lovejoy Keith    
Lovell John 1941 Rome, Ga.;9/28/1941; w/ 3 others same date
M W 1841  
M. G.G. 1915 Also initials PHD, etched
Ma? Ms. Mary   w/ John Hydes
March W A    
March W A   Dallas, Tx.
Marshall   1872 Columbia, S.C. (under J.W. Lewis)
Martin Fannie Lee   12/13/??08
May Florence    
McCarthy ? ? F. 1805 3/16/1805; old script. Group w/ Johnson and Morgan
McDaniel F C 1877 w/ Joe Barrett
McDowell     183?; beautifully etched; last digit obliterated by MDG
Milam Henry 1894 ?/21/1894; w/ Sneed and Hays
Milam Louise 1894 ?/21/1894; w/ Sneed and Hays
Milholland Meryl 1901 5/22/1901; Cassville, Ga.; w/ Thompson
Mill? Fred    
Millen Sallie 1855 7/20/1855; possible Milam
Miller   1840 6/26/1840
Miller Julia    
Mills Wm E 1845 6/26/1845; Miller printed below
Mills Fred 1935 w/ Billy Hawkins
Milner Mr. W 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Milner Mr. T 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Monahan ? Rosaray ?    
Moncrief O H?    
Moncrief O R 1844 w/ Pittard, Gilreath and Smith
Morgan   1805 3/16/1805; old script. Group w/ Johnson and McCarthy (?)
Moss M L 1934 w/ H C Howell
Mowry Dan   1954-55; also 56-57
Mullenix Jarrett?   Euharlee; w/ John Mullenix and Hugh Roberts
Mullenix John   w/ Jarrett Mullenix and Hugh Roberts
Mullinix Darrell    
Mullinix John    
Munford Mary 1894 with Milner
Munford Miss L 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Munford Mary 1879 8/23/1879
Nealon? M.   9/4/??64
Nelson Vance    
Nesbitt Miss ?    
Nix Claudette 1938  
Norris Mr. J 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Pa a? Paul    
Parker Helen    
Parkerson Jerry 1944 1/28/1944
Patterson R.W. 1899 5/17/1899
Patterson R W    
Patterson R W 1894 5/1894; w/ Colbert, Godfrey and Frank
Patton S. 1857 9/5/1857; Etched, printed in Roman style
Patton     w/ Headden
Patton     w/ Headden
Payne Ray 1952 10/16/1952
Payne Lester 1923 1/28/1923
Phitzer ? E.A. 1830  
Picketts Pvt. 1863 Also has CSA; charcoal and scratch
Pittard Emily    
Pittard Emily 1844 w/ Gilreath, Smith and Moncrief
Pratt Doug 1974 11/11/1974; w/ Larry Pratt (brother)
Pratt Larry 1974 11/11/1974; w/ Doug Pratt (brother)
R E C      
R E G      
R S      
Rainwater     18?4/08
Reese Tom    
Reynolds Mah    
Reynolds M a hall    
Rhodes R V 1903 Address of “128 _____”. Second line reads “_____ Ga.”
Robbins Miss Johnnie    
Robert Hugh    
Robertson Elizabeth 1836 8/18/1836 Macon
Robertson Hugh?   w/ Jarrett and John Mullenix
Rod? Bessie 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Rollins Baxter    
Rollins Miss Pearl   w/ Mary and Miss Callie Herrington
Rollins Mary   w/ Miss Callie Herrington and Miss Pearl Rollins
Rowan E C    
Rutherford C.T.   may be G.T.
Rutherson? C.T.    
S Frank    
S A M      
S P     Below Jim Butler in script printing
S. Sam T    
Scha? L 1892  
Schaffer F C    
Schultz Lila 1898 7/1898
Seeley Sue 1938  
Serr? T S    
Shaw? Jimmy    
Sheffield C R 1902 8/24/1902 Seney, Ga.
Sheppard S.S.   2/19/????
Showalsh? Alma 1923  
Shulty? Lula   could be Lulu; 8/23/18?9
Slater J H   appears very old
Smith Melissa 1844 “M.Melissa Smith Was Born Jan. 15, 1827” Written below is “Aug,1844”
Smith Carrie 1896 8/11/1896
Smith Mamie 1896 8/11/1896
Smith Carrie 1896 with 9 other 1896 names (grp 36)
Smith   1876  
Smith Tom 1900 11/25/1900
Smith Frank 1900 11/25/1900
Smith Mamie    
Smith Carrie 1896 8/17/1896
Smith Carrie 1896 8/11/1896; Cassville
Smith Mamie 1844 w/ Gilreath, Pittard and Moncrief
Smith Florence    
Sneed Etta 1894 ?/21/1894; w/ Milams and Hays
Soemet? D?   Reads “__ D. Soemet” in very old script style
Spittler Jack 1952  
Sproull Ralph 1935 7/?/1935
Sproull Ralph 1935 7/23/1935
Sproull Ralph 1935  
Stephenson Darrel   Smithville, Ga.; written in charcoal
Stiles M H 1899 8/5/1899; w/ J.P. Davidson
Stokes M D   Fitzgerald, Ga., Dec 29?
Stokes M D    
Swanson Herbert 1941 to left of date is “H.S.”
T W   ??40
T 198   1973  
Tatum P.A.    
Taylor T B   Douglasville
Teahh? Miss E 1894 9/7/1894 with 6 other names
Thompson H   4/14/??18; w/ G.L. Jones
Thompson Pratt 1901 5/22/1901; Cassville, Ga.; w/ Milholland
Tr. 1111     written twice
Troop 115     written w/ black spray paint
Troop 288      
Troup 172      
Troup 172   1948 3/13/1948
Troup 191      
Troup 198      
Troup 198      
Troup 198      
U S      
Vann Jack   Boaz, Ala.
W N H      
Walpole Miss Ligare? 1917 8/15/1917 Charleston, SC
Ware R C O 1896 8/19/1896; w/ Ware C F and R E Griffin
Ware C F 1896 8/19/1896; w/ Ware R C O and R E Griffin
Waters Ray    
Whatley Christine 1941 8/25/1941; charcoal, “Please write Christine Whatley, Blakely, Georgia”
Whitter? Harry 1958 11/23/1958
Willey Davis   Kingston
Williams H P    
Williams Beula    
Williams Sara    
Williams ? E    
Wills Julian 1938 Hammonds listed below; may be same person; Rome, Ga.
Wills Julian 1938  
Willson Albert 1900 11/25/1900; old style writing
Willson Frank 1900 11/25/1900
Withers Jean 1934 Austell, Ga.
Wofford Buck 1854  
Wofford W T 1844 same style as J.W. Freeman
Word M H 1914 could be Ward
Word Frank 1914 could be Ward
Word Frank 1894 7/3/1894;w/ Mary Lee Word 8/18/1883 – could be birth dates
Word Mary Lee 1883 8/18/1883; w/ Frank Word 7/3/1894 – could be birth dates
Word A W 1921 Mr & Mrs A W, Wilmington, Del.(r’ship w/ Frank and Mary Lee? Same loc)
Word F 1895? Hogansville, Ga or Ala
Wylly A.C. 1858  
Wylly Davis   Livingston?
Wylly A C 1858 w/ C H Goulding and J T Groves
Yarrows W F   questionable initials
Young R.L.    
Young Neal 1895 1/11/1895; w/ J A Barton
  L.M.   script
  K K M    
  Willie 1947  
  Clyde 1947  
  Milner 1894 with Mary Munford 1894
  Bessie 1923 9/16/1923 with Katie
  Katie 1923 9/16/1923 with Bessie
  Mr. Oscar    
  Effie Mae?    
  Martha 1921 w/ Clifton and Clayton
  Clifton 1921 w/ Martha and Clayton
  Clayton 1921 w/ Martha and Clifton
  W H M E 1882 1882/July; etched beautifully; to left of Joe Ragsdale
  Leila 1887 Leila plus Byron
  Byron 1887 w/ Leila