EVHS has adopted an ambitious project to document every school that existed from the founding of the county. Schools are defined as places of education. Some locations have long disappeared and others still remain if only in signage, oral history or a few scant land marks. To qualify for inclusion a school must have had a physical location. Early schools began in a home school setting, moving to rural field schools, private elite cottage boarding schools and finally publicly supported institutions. We continue to add sites and update others as information is revealed.

Bartow County Schools A:

Adairsville Academy
Adairsville Elementary
Adairsville High School (New)
Adam’s Chapel
Allatoona Elementary (2014-Present)
Allatoona (1935-)
Allatoona (after 1910-1935)
Annianna Institute 
Atco School 

Bartow County Schools B:

Barnsley School 
Bartow Classical and Scientific Institute
Bartow Rural High School
Big Pond
Busy Bee School

Bartow County Schools C:

Cass Consolidated High School
Cass Model School
Cassville Colored School/Nobel Hill
Cassville Female College
Cassville Mathematical School
Cassville M.E Sabbath School
Cartersville East End School
Cartersville East Side School
Cartersville Elementary School
Cartersville Female High School
Cartersville Female Seminary 
Cartersville High School (Old)
Cartersville Male High School
Cartersville Middle School
Cartersville Primary School
Cement School
Center School
Cherokee Baptist High School
Church Street School
Cherokee Institute
Cherokee Street School
Cloverleaf Elementary (New)
Cloverleaf Elementary (Old)
Corbin School 
Cunningham School

Bartow County Schools D:

Douglas Street School 
Due West School