The Bates School was located on Bates Road in southern Bartow County. The exact date of construction and its location is unknown at this time. Bartow County Board of Education meeting minutes of September 7, 1915 include a list of schools under their jurisdiction. Bates is not one of them, however it could have existed as a private neighborhood school for many years prior. Two references have been found in the Board minutes. In 1926, the Bates School was listed with Mrs. Claude Stephens as teacher. The other reference was in the September 2, 1930 minutes whereas the Bates school building was approved to be physically moved to Emerson. The move was necessitated by 25 to 30 students near the Cobb County line being added to the Emerson roles. Students then at the Bates School would be reassigned to Emerson. Source: Bartow County Board of Education, Minutes of 09/02/1930, Teacher List of 1926.