EVHS Current Events

Upcoming Events: Anticipated field trips for 2018: Saturday March 17, 9:30, Ladd’s Mountain Encore Hike November 3 and 4, Tour of Homes in Adairsville’s Society Hill TBD, Salt Peter Cave Encore Exploration TBD, Spring Bank/Cement Lecture and Picnic February 24,

Bartow History Scholar Program

Thank you for your interest and participation in the EVHS Bartow History Scholar Program. EVHS is pleased to sponsor this voluntary program and partner with our local schools in an effort to preserve Bartow history. Bartow History Scholar Program Receives

Adairsville’s Society Hill Tour of Homes: Nov. 3rd and 4th

Save The Date! 2018 Tour of Homes, on the first weekend in November, will be the first town in Georgia listed on the National Register. Named for Chief John Adair, Adairsville will welcome guests to join them on “Society Row”

Help promote and enhance the awareness and preservation of the heritage and traditions of Bartow County.


Mission of EVHS

The mission of the Etowah Valley Historical Society is to promote historical preservation, provide educational programs and sponsor public lectures that are designed to create awareness and sustain Bartow county heritage and traditions. Donate Now!

Bartow Authors Corner

This area is provided by EVHS as a venue for local authors to publish their research or articles about Bartow County. (Submissions must be devoted to historical Bartow events and may not be editorials, politically themed nor represent bias agendas)


The Etowah Valley Historical Society offers numerous opportunities for its members to participate. Active involvement by our members makes a difference in how our society is perceived and functions in the community.