Thank you for coming, and we hope that you carry away many beautiful memories of an earlier time in Bartow County, as well as the hospitality which exists here now, as we struggle to preserve these homes and share them with those interested in history and the beauty of this Etowah Valley. --The late Jimmie Davis, EVHS 1983 Antebellum Tour Chairman

The purpose of the Tour of Historic Homes Project is to promote historic awareness. Historic awareness and preservation of America’s buildings is important to our heritage. Proceeds raised from the tour are used toward other projects.We encourage all homeowners of older homes to contribute to this task of increasing awareness. In Bartow County, homes over 50 years of age qualify for the Historic Awareness Sign Program sponsored by EVHS. If you think your home qualifies for the program and would like help researching your home, please contact us.

Our heartfelt thanks go the EVHS members and homeowners who research the homes on the tours. To the best of our knowledge, all dates and information have been documented. Each home is also staffed by an “historian” who retells the history of the homes and their families for visitors to the event. If visitors to our website have additional information about any of the homes that might help with our “pieces of the historic puzzle,” we welcome your sharing them with us. Email with your information.

Tour of Homes Index

2007 Olde Town
2005 Ante Bellum
2003 Come Harvest Our Homes
2001 Olde Town Neighborhood
1999 Salute to Mining
1997 West Cherokee & Upper Cassville Roads
1995 West Avenue