Public Records

  • Cemetery Records: (Microfilm) Two rolls of church and family cemeteries in Bartow County copied by the Mormon Church in 1957. Some of the stones in this survey no longer exist today.
  • Census Records: (Microfilm) Bartow County 1840-1920
  • Church Records: (Microfilm) 1860s Nancy’s Creek Baptist Church near Cass Station.
  • Georgia Death Index: (Microfiche) 1919-1992
  • Deed Records: (Microfilm)
    Deeds and Mortgages 1837-1902
    Grantors 1837-1902
    Grantees 1837-1902
  • Homestead Records: (Microfilm)
  • 1868-1951
    Usually list the entire family and everything they owned.
  • Marriage Records: (Microfilm)
  • Military Records: (Microfilm)
    Confederate Roster 1861-1865
    Official Service Record 1917-1919
    Army Discharge Records 1922-1950
    Civil War Pensions
  • Probate Records: (Microfilm)
    Administrator Bonds 1858-1926
    Guardian Bonds 1858-1926
    Court of Ordinary Minutes 1853-1904
  • Tax Digest: (Microfilm)
    Helpful in determining when a person died during the twenty year period from 1880 to 1900 due to the destruction by fire of the 1890 Census; citizens were required to pay a personal property tax, even widows, regardless of land ownership.

Newspapers on Microfilm 

  • Georgia Pioneer 1840-1845
  • Cassville Standard 1852-1860
  • Cartersville Express 1867-1889
  • Free Press 1878-1881
  • Cartersville Courant 1885-1886
  • Cartersville American 1884-1901
  • The News 1901
  • The News and Courant 1901-1917
  • Bartow Tribune 1918-1945
  • Daily Tribune News to 1980

Court Books

  • Mortgage & Lien Records
  • Sheriff’s Docket
  • Tax Records
  • Minute Books
  • A variety of original Court Books and other ledgers dating back to the mid-1800s.


  • Numerous Georgia County Histories
  • Numerous Georgia County Cemetery Books
  • Georgia County Marriage Books and Records
  • Miscellaneous Genealogy Quarterlies
  • Published Family Histories
  • Partial Obituary Index to county newspapers
  • Family Tree Climber Resource CDs
  • Ever-expanding Cousin-to-Cousin File


  • Judges
  • Historic Homes & Structures
  • Historic Bartow County
  • People & Places


  • Lucy Cunyus Mulcahy Collection
  • P. M. B. Young Collection


  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: 1885, 1889, 1900, 1909, 1916, & 1923
    Cartersville and some surrounding areas.
  • Civil War Era: Bartow County, Georgia – Several show troop placement and movements.
  • Downtown Cartersville, Georgia: Early 1840s
  • 1838 Land Lottery: Bartow County, Georgia
  • Topographical Map Collection


  • EVHS Newsletters (1 Binder) Contains original articles about preservation, research, and EVHS projects dating back to the organization’s founding in 1972; reprinted articles dating back to the 1800s about Bartow County people, places, and events; and information and reports about EVHS committee activities and members.
  • Historic Structures (3 Binders) Collected information about historic homes and businesses (50 years or older) in Bartow County. Another Preservation Committee project!
  • Bartow County, Its People and Places (4 Binders) Articles extracted by volunteers from current publications and local papers dating back to the 1800s. Includes information about local industry, businesses, churches, people, places, and events in Bartow County’s history.
  • Scholarly Articles & Reports (Filed) Collection of articles and reports of local interest written by scholars, researchers, and university students. Topics include Allatoona Dam, Allatoona Pass Battlefield and the Civil War, cemetery documentation, and local historical figures such as evangelist Sam Jones, humorist Bill Arp, author Corra Harris, and baseball great Rudy York.
  • Subscriptions (Shelved) EVHS currently subscribes to the following magazines and journals: Cartersville Magazine, North Georgia Journal, Preservation, and Georgia Historical Quarterly.


  • At this time, our library collection consists of over 400 books, including many rare editions by authors such as Corra Harris, Bill Arp, and Sam Jones. Many are about Bartow County, or are by Bartow County authors. Subjects range from old Bibles and song books to Georgia Colonial Records (24 volumes). Our collection of Georgia county histories is extensive. We also have some volumes from surrounding states, such as South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • Looking for a particular book? All books in the EVHS Library are cataloged with the Bartow County Library and are included in their online catalog system. Search the Bartow County Library Online Electronic Library Catalog for titles in the EVHS Library. Just look for “EVHS” as the location of the book.
  • We continue to seek donations of any books written about Cass/Bartow County or by Bartow County authors. In addition, school annuals, city directories, Georgia histories, Georgia county histories, and genealogical books and materials are needed. We hope you’ll check your bookshelves and consider donating to the EVHS Library and Research Facility. Your contributions and tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

Video Library

EVHS Crossroads, in conjunction with Prestige Cable Channel 4, has produced a series of videos in-house for local public airing. Videos may be viewed at no charge at the EVHS office. Titles include:

  • Introduction to Bartow County History
  • Atco Village
  • Corra Harris
  • Indians Volume I
  • Indians Volume II
  • Log Cabins
  • Bartow County Courthouses
  • CCC & WPA
  • World War II
  • Grist Mills
  • The Great Locomotive Chase
  • Mining in Bartow County
  • Lottie Moon
  • Books on Video: Historic Bartow County
  • Interviews: Alice Howard by Ellen Archer