Extracted from the *reprinted* 1883-1884 Directory for Cherokee and Cartersville, Georgia and reproduced here exactly, with corrections for obvious errors placed [in brackets].

Residents in the directory are divided into “White” and “Colored” Departments, and have been kept as such for the sake of accuracy and authenticity.

Abbreviations Used in the Cartersville City Directory

bds = boards
clk = clerks
res = resides
wid = widow
lab = laborer
bet = between
w.s. = west side
n.s. = north side
e.s. = east side
s.s. = south side
st = street
rr = railroad

Cartersville City Directory 1883-1884 | “White Department”

Adamson C.cook Wm. Attaway
Aiken T. W.lawyerres w end Market
Akerman Mrs. A. T.widres s end Tennessee
Allen L. T.butcherres Market opposite Baptist Church
Alley I.merchantres cor Market and Gilmer
Alley I. W.clkres Douglas, near Church
Alexander Virgilclkbds T. B. Shockly
Alexander J. F.carriage trimmerbds Miss Mollie Jones
Anderson J. R.barkeeperres corner Erwin and Leake
Anderson J. A.liveryres Erwin, near Franklin
Anderson John, Sr.merchantres Douglass near Church
Attaway Jamesres s end Foute
Attaway S. K.lawyerbds Wm. Attaway
Attaway D. A.clkbds Wm. Attaway
Attaway Wm.farmerres on river road outside limits
Baker A.lawyerres w Main near Bartow
Baker W. C.merchantres Market near Bartow
Baker Miss E. R.music teacherbds C. Thompkins
Bankston S. C.butcherres e s Erwin near W&A RR
Barron Wm.merchantbds Tennessee House
Barker T. W.carpenterres J. G. Hanson
Bartlett Bcarbuilderres Douglass near limits
Barwick W. V.shoemakerres Erwin near Lake [Leake]
Barren A. L.merchantres Tennesse [sic] near car works
Barzen F. A.machinistbds C. E. Lucas
Baxter T. W.commission merchantres w s Erwin near W&A RR
Beavers Carriecook John W. Aiken
Bell Mrs. Lucy C.widres Tennessee near limits
Bell J. H.draymanres Tennessee near Main
Best Dr. J. F.physicianres Market near Cassville
Best Harrismerchantbds J. F. Best
Bowler W. O.harness makerres Skinner, near Lake [Leake]
Boyer Mrs. E.widres Tennessee near limits
Bradford Robertclkbds Tennesse [sic] House
Bradley Miss Annahousekeeper S. P. Jones
Bradley W. A.carbuilderres Market near w end
Bradley John F.office boybds W. A. Bradley
Bradley Joeltruck builderbds W. A. Bradley
Brame Mrs.___teacherres cor Bartow and Church
Brevard A. S.cabinet makerbds Mrs. C. Brevard
Brevard Mrs. C.res s end Stonevall [Stonewall]
Cain Jefflocomotive engineerbds Bartow House
Callahan J. W.shoemakerres Douglass near Tennessee
Callahan T. M.harness makerres Market near Bartow
Camp Janewasherwomanres Tennesse [sic] near car works
Cantrell S. T.supervisor E&W RRres w s Erwin near W&A RR
Carpenter Miss L.teacherbds J. W. Harris, Sr.
Carson Robert E.dentistbds St. James
Chandler W. A.telegraph operatorres Gilmer near W&A RR
Chase C. W.carpenterres Mrs. Legare
Chapman A. Y.clkres Tennessee, near car works
Clayton R. A.clkres Lake [Leake] near Bartow
Cobb Johnconductorres cor Gilmer and Carter
Cobb G. Sbookkeeperres Erwin near Carter
Cobb H. S.treasurerres Erwin near Carter
Collins J. A.carpenterres Tennessee st, near limits
Collins M.res Douglassnear Tennessee
Collins AaronU. S. Commissionerres w Church st, near W&A RR
Cooper R. J.clerkres Douthitt's road, near Leake st
Conner J. J.lawyerres Cassville road, near Market st
Conyers J. B.lawyerres Market, near Main
Crawford R. A.lawyerres Erwin, near Franklin
Crawford John A.revenue officerres Erwin, near W&A RR
Crowlie H. C.tinnerbds W. A. Williams
Culdwell J. S.farmerres n end Douglass
Cunyers A. B.clerkbds St. James
Curry Jamesdruggistres w Main, near Bartow
Daniel F.res Gilmer, near Carter
Daniels Rosecook A. M. Foute
Daniels Alicecookres T. G. Hughes
Davidson T. A.res Market, near Bartow
Dobbs N.car builderres w s Skinner, near Erwin
Dobbs A. A.butcherres Tennessee, near limits
Dobbins M. G.farmerres Main, near Bartow
Eaves W. A.brickmasonres n end Douglass
Eaves N. S.brickmasonres cor Gilmer and Carter
Edwards W. C.harness makerres Market st, near Baptist church
Edwards Annawasherwomanres Bartow, near Leake
Elears Gusmachinistbds Bartow House
Elears Fredmachinistbds Bartow House
Fite A. W.lawyerres near Methodist church
Ford F. M.merchantres Tennessee, near limits
Foster J. R.brickmasonres Douthitt's road, near Franklin
Foute A. M.lawyerres s end Foute
Free Mrs. R. A.res s end Stonewall
Free A. P.moulderres s end Stonewall
Free Wm.moulderbds Mrs. R. A. Free
Franklin S. J.res Railroadnear Carter
Franklin F. D.labres Tennessee, near Leake
Franklin A. M.deputy sheriffres County Jail
Galt H. J.barkeeperres Stonewall st
Garrett J. D.blacksmithres Market, near Baptist church
Garrison H. C.U. S. deputy marshalres e Carter, near Gilmer
Gier C. F.gardenerres end Skinner
Glennlabbds Mrs. A. R. Glenn
Gilbert Mrs. W. H.widres w end Leake
Gilbert A. D.farmerres Mrs. W. H. Gilbert
Gilreath N. S.merchantres Main, near Erwin
Gilreath G. H.merchantres w Main, near end
Gilreath M. H.merchantres cor Bartow and Leake
Ginn L. C.farmerres Tennessee, near limits
Glenn A.P. O. clerkbds Mrs. A. R. Glenn
GlennMrs. A. R.wid, res Leake, near Bartow
Godfrey B. F.merchantres Bartow near Main
Goodin W. A.clerkbds C. A. Moon
Goud C.jailor [sic]bds A. M. Franklin
Graham W. M.lawyerbds E. D. Graham
Graham E. D.lawyerres near w end Main
Greyer Mrs. J. M.cookM. L. Johnson
Griffin Geraldcotton buyerres near Bartow
Hall J. E.carpenterres river road near w Main
Hall A. H.carpenterbds L. Hall
Hall Edwinlaborerbds L. Hall
Hall H. H.merchantres cor Main and Bartow
Hallet GeoS. M. Ag'tbds Tennessee House
Hamiter D.physicianres Market, near Bartow
Hanson J. G.brickmasonres Forest, near Tennessee
Harris J. H.car builderres E. Carter, near W&A Railroad
Harris J. W., Jr.lawyerres cor Market and Bartow
Harris J. W., Sr.res cor Main and Bartow
Harwell J. F.gunsmithres Tennessee near Leake
Hasty M.laborerbds R. Motes
Hatch W. M.painterres cor Leake and Tennessee
Hawkins Murraymerchantbds Tennessee House
Hays J.engineerres cor Stonewall and Church
Hazlewood A. L.sextonres near city limits
Head T.merchantbds J. D. Head
Head J. D.merchantres w Main, near Bartow
Headden R. B.pastor Baptist Churchres Market near Cassville
Hicks S. T.cabinet makerres Tennessee near car works
Hilburn J. C.brickmasonres Tennessee, near car works
Halbrook A.laborerres Skinner ,near Erwin
Hopkins S. S.laboror [sic]res transfer yards
Hoss L. C.prop'r St. James Hotel
Hoss J. M.clk St. James Hotel
Howard Geoclerkres e Main, near Tennessee
Howard W. H.bankerres Market, near Bartow
Howard J. A.Ordinaryres Erwin, near Carter
Hudson B. J.car builderbds J. Attaway
Hudgins J. D.clerkbds A. R. Hudgins
Hudgins A. R.merchantres cor Church and Gilmer
Hughes Rev. F. G.pastor Methodist Churchres Main near Bartow
James Mrs. L.widres cor Gilmer and Carter
Johnson Dr. L.physicianres cor Douglass and Church
Johnson Mrs. A. L.widres Market, near Erwin
Johnson A. S.lawyerbds Mrs. A. L. Johnson
Johnson P.lawyerbds Mrs. A. L. Johnson
Johnson M. L.lawyerres w s Erwin, near W&A Railroad
Johnson R.teacherres Cassville, near Market
Jones S. P.Methodist ministerres Gilmer, near Church
Jones C. W.machinistres Leake, near car works
Jones Walterclkbds W. L. Smith
Jones Mrs. J.widres cor Bartow and Franklin
Jones R. H.carriage manufacturerres cor Bartow and Church
Jones ___of Jones Bros. & Co.bds St. James
Jones S. G.Methodist ministerbds Miss Mollie Jones
Jones Richard L.clkbds Miss Mollie Jones
Keever D.labres Douglass, near Tennessee
Kirkpatrick Dr. W. L.physicianres Main, near Market
Kennedy Mrs. G. A.millinerres Douglass, near Tennessee
Kernodle G. M.clkbds G. Kernodle
Kernodle G.machinistres Cassville, near Market
Kernodle S.night watchmanres transfer yard
Landen James H.wagon makerres Tennessee, near car works
Landen J. W.RR handres Tennessee, near car works
Langford Miss S.seamstressres n end Gilmer
Latta Wm. S.farmerres Erwin, near Church
Leake H. B.clkbds C. G. Trammell
Leake J. B.clkbds M. F. Word
Legare Mrs. E. F.widteacher, res w Church
Loveless M.carbuilderres Gilmer, near Church
Loveless W. M.labres Douthitts road, near Leake
Loveless H. H.carpenterres Erwin, near W&R Railroad
Loveless James S.carpenterbds H. H. Loveless
Lucas C. E.superintendent car worksres Tennessee, near car works
Maffett A. O.firemanres Leak [sic], near Skinner
Majors Mrs. S. C.proprietress Bartow House
Majors E.ore raiserres Bartow House
Marshall M.teacherres Douglass, near Erwin
Martin J.labJ. W. Harris
Marcus S. T.hat repairerbds Bartow House
Matthews L. B.barkeeperres cor Main and Stonewall
Maxwell M. P.plastererres Collins, near Church
Maxwell Johnplastererbds M. P. Maxwell
Mays J. E.clkres Market, near Baptist church
Memmber Dr. T. W.physicianres Market, near Cassville
Menefee Miss L.housekeeper, C. H. C. Willingham
Milner W. W.lawyerres Market, near Bartow
Milam S. F.clkres Market, near Erwin
Milam Lawrencerailroaderbds Tennessee House
Milam J. C.cotton buyerres cor Main and Stonewall
Mitchell T. W.painterbds J. F. Mitchell
Mitchell J. F.night watchmanres Tennessee near car works
Mitchell P. A.bds N. B. Spears
Moon J. L.lawyerbds P. L. Moon
Moon P. L.merchantres n end Gilmer
Moon J. M.lawyerbds M. F. Word
Moon C. A.shoe manufacturerres w Church, near Erwin
Montgomery J. G. M.merchantres Leake, near Skinner
Morgan J. W.clkres e Carter, near Gilmer
Morrison A. F.carpenterres e Main, near Tennessee
Motes R.labres Douglass, near Carter
Mountcastle W. R., Sr.watchmakerres Skinner, near Leake
Mountcastle W. R., Jr.watchmakerbds W. R. Mountcastle, Sr.
Mountcastle J. L.painterbds W. R. Mountcastle, Sr.
Mountcastle B. R.merchantres Market, near Bartow
Mull D. B.farmerres Cassville, near Market
Murray E. R.foundrymanres Erwin, near limits
Murphy R. W.lawyerres cor Market and Bartow
McConnald J. Z.mechanicres cor Skinner and Leake
McDade D. W.engineerres w s Erwin, near W&A RR
McEwing Charlesminerres cor Market and Gilmer
McGuire J. E.res cor Tennessee and Church
McGuire G. W.clkres Douglass, near Church
McGinty J. E.brickmasonres Douglass, near Carter
Neel J. M.lawyerres cor Bartow and Leake
Neel W.lawyerbds J. M. Neel
Newman L.painterres Tennessee, near Church
Nichols E. T.blacksmithres Erwin, near W&A RR
Nichols James E.labres e Church, near Stonewall
Nodell Wm.blacksmithbds Robt. Patterson
Norris J. T.insurance agentres river road, outside limits
Northcutt E. M.car builderres w Carter st, near W&A RR
Olds D.brickmasonres cor Church and Douglas
O'Shields Mrs. M. C.tailoressres Erwin, near Leake
Owen John T.watchmakerres Cassville, near Market
Owen M. T.carpenterres Gilmer, near Douglass
Padgette Miss E. M.millinery and dressmakingw Main
Parkerson J. E.buggy makerres Douthitt's road, near Leake
Parsley T. M.painterres near end Skinner
Pattillo R. M.merchantres w Main, near Bartow
Payne A.barkeeperres e Main, near Stonewall
Peacock D. W. K.surveyorres Cassville, near Market
Penley G. W.labbds Mrs. E. M. Penley
Penley Mrs. E. M.widres Erwin, near limits
Phillips R. A.car builderres Douthitt's road, near limits
Pore D. N.junk dealerres Foute, near Foundry
Powell Mrs. L.widres Douglass, near Church
Prichette M. L.merchantres Market, near Cassville
Puckett A. M.merchantres e Main, near Stonewall
Puckett W. E.deputy U. S. Marshalres Railroad, near Leake st
Ray Mrs. M.washerwomanres D. Ray
Ray D.labres near city limits
Ray S. W. lab.res Tennessee stnear car works
Richardson A.labres end w Main
Recter Mrs. Elizabethwidbds Tennessee House
Rogers Mrs. S. A.widres Tennessee, near Carter
Rogers B. H.labbds Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Rogers W. H.labbds Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Rogers J. A.labbds Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Rogers T. A.labbds Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Rogers Miss M.res Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Roberts S. M.merchantres e end Market
Roberts W. M.liveryres w Churb [Church], near Erwin
Rowan J. K.merchantres e Main, near Stonewall
Ruckman Mrs. L.widres near w end Main
Sands W. L.painterres Skinner, near Leake
Satterfield G. W.merchantres Douglass, near Church
Satterfield Wm.barkeeperres cor Tennessee and Main
Satterfield R. W.merchantres Erwin, near Tumlin
Sayre R. S.clerkres Market, near Baptist Church
Scheuer Juliusmerchantbds Tennessee House
Sheuer [Scheuer] Mosesmerchantbds Tennessee House
Scheuer J.merchantbds Tennessee House
Sellers R. L.Deputy U. S. Marshalres cor Tennessee and Forrest
Simpson Mrs. E. L.widres Erwin, near Carter
Shaw C. A.blacksmithbds R. M. Shaw
Shaw F. M.Justice of the Peaceres Market, near Erwin
Shaw J. T.laborerres R. H. Wright
Sheppard Dr. J. T.physicianres Bartow near Church
Shockley T. B.res Railroad
Shockley Mrs. M.dressmakerres Railroad
Shockley Miss L.millineryres T. B. Shockley
Skinner J. J.clerkbds Mrs. J. Jones
Skinner W. A.blacksmithbds W. H. Sands
Smith Miss O. B.seamstressbds Mrs. M. J. Smith
Smith C. D.laborerbds Mrs. M. J. Smith
Smith Johnclkbds Bartow House
Smith Mrs. M. J.seamstressres Railroad near Leake
Smith J. S.foreman car worksres s end Tennessee near car works
Smith Wm.laborerres Tennessee near car works
Smith A. C.book-keeper car works and editor and propr Christian Telescoperes Leake near Skinner
Smith R.W.car builderres w end Market
Smith W. L.laborerres w Main, near Bartow
Smith Rev. T. E.pastor Presbyterian Churchres cor Bartow and Carter
Smith T. M.lawyerbds T. E. Smith
Spears N. B.lawyerres river road, near Main
Spencer J. Hl.laborerbds S. W. Spencer
Spencer S. W.painterres Tennessee, near car works
Stansell M. R.lawyerres Erwin, near city limits
Stevens F. A.merchantres Gilmer, near Douglass
Stevenson H.moulderres Tennessee and Leake
Stokely Mrs. M. A.widres Erwin, near Main
Stoner J. A.merchantres Leake, near Bartow
Sumner Joshuapropr Tennessee House
Sylva __ __ore raiserbds Bartow House
Teague I. M., Sr.tailorres near city limits
Teague I. M., Jr.laborerbds I. M. Teague
Teague C.laborerbds I. M. Teague, Sr.
Terrell W. H.barkeeperres cor Tennessee and Market
Thedford Bruceclkbds St. James
Thomas Mrs. M. K.res n s Eaves
Thompkins C.jewelerres Stonewall near Forest
Thompson J. R.car builderres s end Tennessee
Todd G. R.car builderres s end Tennessee
Todd J. M.merchantres Erwin near Church
Tomlinson C. H.clkbds M. F. Word
Tomlinson H.farmerres w end Market
Tomlinson J. W.laborerbds H. Tomlinson
Tomlinson Leeclkbds C. G. Trammell
Trammell C. G.farmerres Douthitt's road, near limits
Trescott Mrs. M. D., widteacherbds Mrs. Legare
Vandivere S. L.transfer bossres Gilmer, near Carter
Vandivere A. B. G.clkres w end Main
Vandivere A.brakemanbeds A. B. G. Vandivere
Vaughn W. B.butcherres Tennessee near car works
Walker T. M.clkbds M. Walker
Walker Robertclkbds M. Walker
Walker M.shoemakerres near end w Main
Wallace B.carpenterres Main near Bartow
Waldrup G. W.book keeperbds Miss Mollie Jones
Webb W. J.laborerres Mrs. S. A. Rogers
Welch Mrs. M. J.seamstressres rear of Jail
Wells R. H.engineerres Gilmer, near Douglass
Wells M. S.farmerres n end of Douglass
Wheeler G. W.laborerbds Mrs. E. Rogers
White Walterclkboards C. H. White
White T. W.cabinet makerres cor Leake and Bartow
White L. M.carpenterres Franklin, near Bartow
White C. H.merchantres w end Main
Whitehead S.conductorres Main, near Bartow
Wikle J. L.street overseerres river road, near Leake
Wikle J. E.farmerbds J. L. Wikle
Wikle R. A.laborerbds J. L. Wikle
Wikle J. Hl.lawyerres Erwin, near Carter
Wikle J. R.postmasterres Erwin, near Carter
Wikle W. H.booksellerbds J. R. Wikle
Wikle Douglasspublisher Americanbds J. R. Wikle
Wilton R. J.laborerres Gilmer, near Carter
Wiley Mrs. Marywidbds St. James
Wilkerson __ __ __City Marshalres Carter, near W&A RR
Williams A. C., Jr.clkres cor Stonewall and Forest
Williams A. C., Sr.merchantres cor Stonewall and Forest
Williams J. H.clkbds A. C. Williams
Williams Samrailroaderbds Tennessee House
Williams L. O.railroaderbds Tennessee House
Williams W. A.blacksmithres n end Douglass
Williams E. A.laborerbds W. A. Williams
Williams V. L.merchantres Leake, near Bartow
Williams W. A.merchantres Erwin, near Main
Willingham C. H. C.of Free Pressres C. H. C. Willingham
Wofford J. O.depot agentres Douglass, near Tennessee
Wofford A. P.lawyer and Mayorres Douthitt's road, near limits
Wolfe H. E.car builderres w Leake
Wolfe Mrs. Marywidres H. E. Wolfe
Word M. F.druggistres cor Main and Bartow
Word T. S.mechanicres Mrs. K. Word
Word Mrs. K.widres Railroad, near Carter
Wright Edwardblacksmithbds Miss Mollie Jones
Wright R. H.laborerres e Church, near Douglass
Young Dr. J. C.physicianres Railroad, near Market