Mount Paran Academy, Eurharlee

This school was located eight miles west of the Cartersville Depot and run by Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Neely. Operating in 1852, Mr. Neely taught the male school, while Mrs. Neely taught the females. It is likely that this school was the same Mount Paran existing in Eurharlee, but records are unclear if there was a Mount Paran in each community. THE STANDARD 3/4/1852.

The Mount Paran Academy was built in Euharlee around 1853 as a private school by the Mt. Paran Baptist Church. It was renamed the Euharlee School in 1870 and burned in 1891 or 1892. Classes resumed in various homes in Euharlee. Information is incomplete. Source: “The History of Euharlee” by Euharlee History Committee, pages 99 and 100.