The Etowah Valley Historical Society invites you to join us in helping to promote and enhance the awareness, education and  preservation of the heritage, architecture, historic sites and traditions of Bartow County.

Membership is open to any person, partnership, firm, association, organization, club, or corporation interested in helping us attain our goals.

Benefits include:

  • Lecture series with noted speakers on the topics of local history and preservation;
  • Member-only field trips to exclusive and restricted areas in Bartow County not open to the public;
  • Office research resources and limited genealogical support;
  • Dinner Meetings (periodic) in homes or at places known for their historic and/or architectural value;
  • Assistance with historic research and technical assistance with placement procedures on the National Register;
  • Opportunity to pursue Genealogical studies;
  • Newsletter (quarterly) with researched articles of local historic interest; and much more…

As a non-profit organization, the Etowah Valley Historical Society (EVHS) relies on membership dues, member volunteers, and donations to fulfill our mission. We invite you to join us to help promote and enhance the awareness and preservation of the heritage and traditions of Bartow County.

Annual Memberships (renewal 1 year from date you join)

  • Family membership   $30.
  • Individual membership  $20.
  • Patron Membership (Family or Individual)  $100
  • Organizations (Civic/Nonprofit)  $50
  • Corporate  $150