17 Elliott St, Kingston, GA 30145

(770) 336-5234

Est. 1845

The Kingston Methodist Church originated with the Connasena Methodist Church in 1845, located 2 miles west of the present location. The church has been called Old Connasena Church, Kingston Methodist Episcopal Church South, Kingston Methodist Church, and now Kingston United Methodist Church, The first location was described as “an excellent wooden structure with a large gallery for the colored people who attended the services.” After the railroad line was established, Kingston grew and the church was rebuilt on its present location in 1854. That structure remained until the current brick structure was built in 1906. After Sherman burned the town, Kingston Methodist was the only church left standing. Both sides used the church as a hospital and there is a Confederate cemetery a short distance away. After the war, the church opened to all denominations that no longer had a house of worship of their own.

Source: Heritage Book Vol. 1