Kaigler’s Chapel United Methodist Church

(AKA: Caigler’s Chapel and Cagle’s Chapel)

129 South Railroad St, Adairsville, GA 30103

(770) 773-9950

The original church was established under the name Northern Methodist Church and was built in 1893.  The trustees associated early with the church are:
  John C. Perry
  Enus Kaigler
   R.L. Godlett
   Silas Johnson

The church was moved to Railroad Street in Adairsville and later demolished in 1950.  In 1952 a new church was built on the site and services were held in 1958.  In 1968 Kaigler’s became a part of the United Methodist Conference.  Church services were discontinued in July, 2020.

The above church history provided by:  Mary Caruthers, Elder church member. 

County deed records do not directly reflect documentation for this specific property. However, a  1875 deed (Book 88, page 287) listing Enos Kaigler purchasing acreage in the 15th District in the “colored” section from Noah King does exist. This may be the legacy of the church. 

Bartow County tax records (not deed records) list it as Cagle’s Chapel.