AA = African American

EP = Early Pioneers
IB = Industry & Business

NA = Native American
MA = Military Activity

PCP = Politics, Community, People
REQ = Required

NumberQuestionState Standard CodeCompulsory QuestionEVHS Category CodePerson Source Code
1Who was the first African American registered nurse in Bartow County?
A. Suzie Wheeler
B. Hixie O'Neal*
C. Sallie Wilkens
D. Ester White
E. Bertha Morgan
2What Bartow County resident and minister wrote hit songs for classic rock and roll artists including the nationally famous 1960's girl group, The Supremes?
A. Jackie Beavers*
B. Wayne Knight
C. Ben Davis Walker
D. Rudy York
E. Cledus T. Judd
3Who was a Bartow County resident that became a famed 'Tuskegee Airman' during WWII?
A. John Henry Morgan *
B. Sally Wilkins
C. Red Green
D. Bibby Morgan
E. George Washington Carver
4What is the name of the "first Georgia State Park" named for an African American and located in Bartow County?
A. George Washington Carver*
B. Gatewood Park
C. Bartow Beach
D.Redtop Mountain
E.Wilderness Camp
5Who is a Cartersville resident and was the first African American to be elected to a state wide public office and went on to become the first African American Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.
A. Robert Benham*
B. Bibby Morgan
C. Matthew Hill
D. Arthur L. Carter
E. William Roberson
6Which Bartow town is Melvian Shields, great, great, great, grandmother of first lady Michelle Obama buried?
A. Stilesboro
B. Taylorsville
C. Rydal
D. Kingston*
E. Folsom
7What Julius Rosenwald funded school was constructed in Cassville in 1923? A. Noble Hill*, B. Roselawn C. Cass High School, D. Etowah, E. SaxonSS8H11AAMG
7What year did the City School System (Cartersville High School and Summer Hill High School) first integrate?
A. 1960 - 61
B. 1965 - 66*
C. 1967 - 68
D. 1968 - 69
E. 1970 - 71
Who was a famed Tuskegee Airman and Summer Hill high school graduate?
A. Bibby Morgan
B. Lorenza Conner
C. John H. Morgan *
D. Ronnie Brown
E. Danny Wheeler
8Covered bridges once dotted the landscape, but today only a few remain in Georgia. One of those is located in Euharlee, Georgia. What was the name of the son of a freed slave and master bridge builder who is credited with constructing the 1886 Euharlee Covered Bridge?
A. Washington King*
B. Bibby Morgan
C. Horase White
D. Robert Benham
E. Issac Carpenter
Early Pioneer
9 In what year was Cass (now Bartow County) incorporated?
A. 1832*
B. 1837
C. 1800
D. 1835
E. 1831
10Lewis Cass was Secretary of War in the cabinet of President Andrew Jackson. How did the President honor Lewis Cass?
A. Named the County for him *
B. Named the County Seat, Cassville for him
C. Renamed the County for him
D. Renamed the County Seat for him
E. None
11Where was the original county seat for Bartow County?
A. Pine Log
B. Cassville *
C. Cartersville
D. Kingston
E. Euharlee
12What year were Cherokee Indian lands in present day Bartow County distributed by lottery?
A. 1832*
B. 1838
C. 1865
D. 1900
E. 1933
13What flourishing town was the original county seat, but bypassed by the Western and Atlantic Railroad?
A. Cassville*
B. Etowah
C. Cass
D. Allatoona
E. Cherokee
14What wealthy land owner and entrepreneur made frequent trips through this area acquiring land while traveling to his north Georgia home and for whom Cartersville was named?
A. Jimmy Carter
B. Farish Carter*
C. Carter Stiles
D. Rowland Carter
E. Uriah Carter
15The 1832 Cherokee Land and Gold Lottery created Bartow/Cass County from what larger district?
A. Etowah Valley
B. Cherokee County*
C. Southern Appalachian Range
D. Cobb County
E. Pine Log Mountain Range.
16Before 1852, the City of Euharlee was known by what name?
A. Burge's Mill *
B. Chulio Crossing
C. Raccoon Creek
D. Ligon
E. Sugar Hill
17The City of Emerson is named after what former Georgia governor?
A. Stegall S. Emerson
B. Sallie Emerson
C. Joseph E. Brown*
D. Joseph Johnston
E. Emerson Wofford
18What Bartow County City took its name from the early Scotch settlement just north of its present location?
A. Barnsley Gardens
B. Adairsville *
C. Wolf Pen
D. Hall Station
E. Rydal
19The City of Kingston was named after what former U. S. senator and former president of the Georgia Railroad?
A. John P. King*
B. Washington King
C. Kingston Smith
D. Joseph J. King
E. John Kingman
20What Bartow County lawyer distinguished himself in 1846 by arguing the first five cases heard by the newly created Georgia Supreme Court?
A. John C. Calhoun
B. Warren Akin,Sr. *
C. Robert Benham
D. Joe F. Harris
E. Sam Jones.
21Our county was renamed in 1861 in honor of this Confederate Colonel killed at the First Battle of Manassas. Who was he?
A. Farris Carter Bartow
B. P. M. B. Young
C. Francis Bartow*
D. William Wofford Bartow
E. Bartow Simpson
22The community of Stilesboro was named after what prominent Bartow County resident?
A. Theodore Stiles
B. Stiles Sutton
C. Marcus Stiles
D. Henry Stiles*
E. Stiles Bailey
23In 1845, U. S. President James K. Polk, appointed this prominent Bartow county resident as ambassador to Austria?
A. Henry Stiles *
B. Francis Bartow
C. John P. King
D. Warren Akin
E. Rebecca Felton
24Often southern plantations were given names. The former home of William Henry Stiles located west of Cartersville on the banks of the Etowah River was given what name?
A. Valley View
B. Stiles Manor
C. Etowah Cliffs *
D. Walnut Grove
E. Sugar Valley
25Bartow County was once dotted with many Indian Mound sites. Why have they disappeared.
A. Erosion
B. Road construction
C. Farming
D. Flooding
E. All of the above *
26Annually Bartow County has celebrated the Golden Age of iron smelting and stone furnaces. What is the name of the celebration?
A. Pig Iron Days
B. Hills of Iron *
C. Weinman Mineral Festival
D. Cooper's Iron Age
E. Bartow Iron Festival
Industry and Business
27On the side of what building in Cartersville was the world's first outdoor Coca Cola advertising sign painted?
A. Young Brothers Pharmacy *
B. Coca Cola Bottling building
C. Train Depot
D. Ross' Diner
E. 4 Way Diner
28For what Bartow community and former business does the abbreviation ATCO stand?
A. Aubry Textile Company
B. Allatoona Textile Company
C. Acworth Textile Company
D. Adairsville Textile Company
E. American Textile Company *
29 What was the date of the 'opening ceremony' in Bartow County upon the completion of Interstate 75 from Michigan to Florida?
A. December 21, 1977 *
B. January 1, 1975
C. July 1, 1979
D. September 1, 1977
E. April 1, 1970
30What is the name of the Bartow County resident who built the first Georgia iron furnace in Cass (now Bartow) County in 1837 on Stamp Creek and also built the first iron furnaces in South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama?
A. Jacob Stroup *
B. Mark Cooper
C. John Baker
D. Jodie Hill
E. Henry Stiles
31What was the original name of the railroad that passes through the Cities of Emerson, Cartersville, Kingston and Adairsville?
A. Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railroad
B. Louisville and Nashville Railroad
C. Norfolk and Southern Railroad
D Western and Atlantic Railroad*
E. Seaboard Coastline Railroad
32What pioneer citizen of Bartow County operated an ironworks at the town of Etowah and erected the Friendship monument next to the depot?
A. Francis Bartow
B. Mark Anthony Cooper *
C. Sam Jones
D. James Jones
E. J. F. Sproull
33What single early industry primarily attracted settlers to Bartow County?
A. Mining *
B. Agriculture
C. Timber
D. Textiles
E. Carpet
34In the 1950's, UGA partnered with local farmers to establish the Georgia Institute of Genetics on Hwy 20. What pedigreed or genetically altered seed was scientifically produced here?
A. White Corn
B. Soybean
C. Seedless Watermelon
D. Tobacco
E. Cotton Seed*
35Two major highways pass through Bartow County and extend from Michigan to Florida. What two are they?
A. US 41 *
B. HWY 293
C. Dixie Highway
D. I-75*
E. Hwy 20
36What error appears on the out door Coca Cola sign on the Young Brother's Pharmacy wall next to the Railroad track?
A. Wrong script
B. Wrong logo color
C. Wrong date
D. Misspelled word *
E. Wrong Punctuation
Military Action or Activity
37Name the two Bartow County residents that served as Generals in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States. A. General Farris Carter, B. General William Wofford*, C. Major General P.M.B Young*, D. General William T. Sherman, E. General Mark Cooper.SS846MADA
38 What Bartow County resident served as a member of the House of Representatives in the Congress of the Confederate States of America? A. Warren Akin*, Sr., B. Lester Tate, C. William H. Felton, D. Henry Stiles, E. William Wofford.SS846MADA
39To what name was Cassville, the original County seat of Cass (now Bartow) County changed in 1861 by the Georgia Legislature? A. Etowah, B. Manassas*, C. Allatoona, D. Cherokee, E. CartersvilleSS846MADA
40 In what month and year did the Great Locomotive Chase of the War Between the States occur in Bartow County? A. April 22 1864, B. April 12, 1862*, C. April 15 1863, D. April 18 1861, March 10 1862.SS846MADA
41What was the date of the Battle of Allatoona Pass during the War Between the States? A. November 5 1861, April 22, 1862, C. October 5, 1864*, D. July 4 1864, April 1, 1863SS846MADA
42What is the name of the Bartow County resident who was the artist that painted the famous oil painting titled, The Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson, on the Eve of the Battle of Chancellorsville? A. Jodeen Brown, B. Everett Dutton, C. Fabrino Julio*, D. Diane Mines, E. Haratio LuroSS846MADA
43In what month and year was Cassville burned by Union troops? A. November, 1864*, B. April 12, 1862, C. October 5, 1864, D. SS846MADA
44In what month and year was the Town of Etowah destroyed and burned by Union Troops? A. November 1860 B.April 1861 C. July 1862, D. December 1863 E. May 1864*SS846MADA
45What house still standing today served as a hospital during the Battle of Allatoona Pass? A. Grand Oaks, B. Roselawn, C. River View, D. Clayton-Mooney*, E. Valley ViewSS846MADB
46Who was the first mayor of Cartersville and served in the Civil Was as the Colonel of the 40th Georgia Infantry Regiment? A. Hawkins Price, B. Matt Santini, C. William Wofford, D. Alfred Linn, E. Abda Johnson*SS846MADB
47In what town is the oldest Confederate Memorial Service held each year? A. Cassville, B. Emerson, C. Cartersville, D. Adairsville, E. Kingston*SS846REQUIREDMADB
48What engine was captured by Andrews and his Raiders during the Great Locomotive Chase and delayed in Kingston? A. Yonah, B. Texas, C. General*, D. William R. Smith, E. ChieftonSS846MADB
49There are two Confederate Cemeteries in Bartow County. Where are they? A. Cartersville, B. Stilesboro, C. Kingston*, D. Pine Log, E. Cassville*SS846MADB
50Who was the Georgia Governor from Bartow County between 1982 Ð 1990? A. Frank Moore, B. Paul Battles, C. Clarence Brown, D. Jackie Beavers, E. Joe Frank Harris *SS846REQUIREDMAJFH
51In which Bartow community did Civil War Union General William T. Sherman set up headquarters prior to his march to the sea? A. Kingston *, B. Cassville, C. Cartersville, D. Emerson, E. AllatoonaSS846MAJFH
52 What three locomotives acquired in Bartow County chased the General during the Great Locomotive Chase? A. Chiefton, B. Yonah*, C. Senator, D. William R. Smith*, E. Texas*SS846MAJFH
53 Which event was the first Civil War action to take place in Bartow County? A. Battle of Allatoona, B. Battle of Cassville, C. Great Locomotive Chase *, D. Burning of Etowah, E. Union occupation of KingstonSS846MAJFH
54Where did the last group of Confederate soldiers east of the Mississippi surrender? A. Cassville, B. White, C. Adairsville, D. Kingston *, E. Pine LogSS846MADB
Native American
55 In what year were the Cherokee Indians forced out of Cass (now Bartow) County and Georgia to Oklahoma on the infamous Trail of Tears? A. 1838 *, B. 1840, C. 1842, D. 1832, E. 1835.SS8H2NADA JBT
56What is the name of the wealthy Cherokee woman who owned a ferry on the Etowah River in Cass (Bartow) County during the 1830s between present day Cartersville and Emerson? A. Corra Harris, B. Sally Hughes *, C. Princes Pine Log, D. Cherokee Rose, E. Sacajaweha SS8H2NADA JBT
57During what cultural period of time were the Etowah Indian Mounds built in the Etowah Valley ? A. Creek, B. Cherokee, C. Mississippian *, D. Seminole, E. ChoctawSS8H2REQUIREDNAJFH
58What two Native American tribes have occupied Bartow County? A. Chickasaw, B. Choctaw, C. Creek *, D. Cherokee *, E. SeminoleSS8H2REQUIREDNAJFH
59What Spanish explorer in the early 1540Õs explored Bartow County during the Mississippian period? A. Hernando de Soto *, B. Francisco Coronado, C. Hern‡n Cortez, D. Christopher Columbus, E. Juan Ponce de Le—nSS8H2REQUIREDNAJFH
60How many Cherokees in 1838 were forced to to leave Bartow County during the removal to Oklahoma on the famed, "Trail of Tears?" A. 300, B. 500, C. 1500*, D. 7000, E. UnknownSS8H2NAJBT
61Upon the arrival of Hernando de Soto and his Spanish explorers to north America in 1540, it is estimated that 90% of the Indians died after the arrival of Europeans. The local native civilation also suffered and collapsed of what cause? A. War with Europeans, B. Lack of immunity to European Diseases*, C. Sold in to Slavery, D. Starvation, E. DroughtSS8H2NAJBT
62Following the Mississipian Mound Builder Period, what native American tribe is considered to be descendants of the Mound Builders? A. Cherokee, B. Chickasaw, C. Seminole, D. Creek *, E. ChoctowSS8H2NAJFH
63 Native Americans of Bartow County grew three important types of plants, sometimes referred to as The Three Sisters
A. Corn, beans, and squash *, B. Wheat, melons, and rice C. Barley, soybeans, and cotton D. Millet, okra, and cucumbers
E. Tomatoes, eggplants, and okra
64By what two other names has the Etowah River been known during the Cherokee and Creek periods? A. Hightower *, B. Italwah *, C. Pumpkinvine, D. Allatoona, E. PettitSS8H2NAJFH
65What does the Native American Muscogee word "Etowah" mean? A. River, B. Mountain, C. Temple or Council Top , D. Cross Roads or Town *, E. Chiefdom SS8H2NAJFH
66The houses of Mississippian-era people were made of easily found local materials, and these materials were assembled in a very specific way. The style of construction of Mississippian period housed is called A. Sticks and bricks, B. Sticks and stones, C. Logs with chinking, D. Wattle and daub *, E. Animal skin Tee Pees and polesSS8H2NAJL JFH
67 Which of the following is NOT a way that Indians decorated pottery? A. Incising, B. Polishing, C. Painting, D. Brushing *, E. StampingSS8H2NAJL JFH
Politics,Community, People
68What Cartersville resident served as United States Attorney General from 1870 to 1871 in the cabinet of President Ulysses Grant? A. Amos T. Akerman *, B. William Wofford, C. Warren Akin, Sr. D. Henry Stiles, E. Bill ArpSS8CG1PCPDA
69What Bartow County resident served as the first female United States Senator in 1922? A. Corra Harris, B. Elizabeth Harris, C. Rebecca Latimer Felton *, D. Sallie Hughes, E. Lottie MoonSS8CG1REQUIREDPCPDA
70In what year was Euharlee incorporated? A. 1852*,SS8CG1PCPDA
71What was the original name of Emerson? A. McGuire Curve, B. Birmingham, C. Stegal's Station*, D. Etowah, E. BrownsvilleSS8CG1PCPDA
72In what year was Adairsville incorporated? B.1854*SS8CG1PCPDA
73 Name three Bartow County residents who wrote columns for The Atlanta Journal and/or Constitution. A. Corra Harris* B. Rebecca Latimer Felton* C. Charles "Bill Arp" Smith*, D. Lottie Moon, E. Sam JonesSS8CG1PCPDA
74For whom or what is Cartersville named? A. Farish Carter*, B. Jimmy Carter, C. Bartow Carter, D. Carter's Lake, E. Corbin Carter.SS8CG1REQUIREDPCPDA
75What year did Cartersville become the county seat of Bartow County? A. 1865, B. 1867*, C. 1870, D. 1872, E. 1864SS8CG1PCPDA
76What Cartersville teacher went to China as one of the first female foreign missionaries; stayed in China 40 years and had the Baptist Churches raise funds to support foreign missions in her name all over the world? She eventually died of starvation.
A. Elizabeth Harris B. Lottie Moon *, C. Corra Harris, D. Jessica Daves, E. Frances Elliott
77What two Kentucky Derby winners were trained at Old Mill Farms in Cartersville? A. Northern Dancer*, B. Secretariat, C. Big Brown, D. I'll Have Another, E. Decidedly*SS8CG1PCPDA
78What Bartow town is named after former Governor Joseph E. Brown? A. Eurharle, B. Emerson*, C. Etowah, D. Eton, E. EllijaySS8CG1PCPDA
79What Bartow County resident served as diplomat from United States to Romania during 1930s? A. Bill Arp, B. Sam Jones, C. Sproull Fouche, D. Henry Stiles*, E. Major Mark CooperSS8CG1PCPDA
8048. In what year was Kingston incorporated? 1869*SS8CG1PCPDA
8150. In what year was Emerson incorporated as Stegals Station? 1889*SS8CG1PCPDA
82In what year was White incorporated? 1919*SS8CG1PCPDA
83In what year was Taylorsville incorporated? 1916*SS8CG1PCPDA
84In what year did the Cartersville Public School system open? A. 1889*, B. 1900, C. 1919, D. 1910, E. 1875SS8CG1PCPDA
85What Cartersville citizen in 1952 moved to New York and became Editor -in- Chief of Vogue Magazine? A. Jessica Daves*, B. Corra Harris, C. Suzie Wheeler, D. Rebecca Felton, E. Lucy CunyusSS8CG1PCPDA
86What is the name of the United States Astronaut whose father was born and raised in Cartersville as a child. A. John White, B. Ed White, C. John Young *, D. John Glenn, E. Alan SheppardSS8CG1PCPDA
87What two Bartow County residents served as Governor of Georgia. A. Joe Frank Harris*, B. Nathaniel Harris*, C. LeRoy Abernathy, D. Paul Battles, E. Jeff LewisSS8CG1PCPDA
88What is the name of the former 1870 resident of Bartow County who apprenticed as a prescriptionist on west Main Street under Dr. Best and Dr. Kirkpatrick becoming the founder of the Coca Cola Company? A.

John Pemberton, B. Asa Candler*, C. Ben Thomas, D. Joe Whitehead, E. Frank Robinson
89Name the professional baseball teams with which Cartersville resident Rudy York played. A. Detroit Tigers* B. Philadelphia Athletics * C. Boston Red Sox* , D. Milwaukee Braves, E. Chicago Red Sox*SS8CG1PCPDA
90What was Rudy Yorks lifetime batting average? A. 0.275*SS8CG1PCPDA
91Which baseball player from Bartow played in the 1946 World Series? A. Rudy York*, B. Donavan Tate, C. Ronnie Brown, D. Robert Lavette, E. Keith HendersonSS8CG1PCPJFH
92What Bartow attorney argued the state's first five Surpreme Court cases ? A. Warren Akin, Sr *, B. Gov.Joe Frank Harris, C. Justice Robert Benham, D. Judge J. L. Davis, E. David ArcherSS8CG1PCPJFH
93Who wrote The History of Bartow County, formerly Cass in 1932? A: Rebecca Felton, C. Corra Harris B: Lucy Cunyus* C: Jean Henson D: William Henry Stiles, E: Joe Walton
94Who is the famous Bartow clay potter who has his works on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC? A. Lewis Tonsmierer, B. Bill Gordy*, C.Horatio Luro, D.Andre Fluellen, E. Lewis TumlinSS8CG1PCPJFH
95What famous 1900s Bartow evangelist inspired the construction of and preached in the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. (Also known as the Mother Church of County Music and original Grand Ole Opry) A. Billy Graham, B. Jackie Beavers, C. Lottie Moon, D. Sam P. Jones*, E. LeRoy AbernathySS8CG1REQUIREDPCPJFH
96Who was a Bartow resident, national author, wrote for the Saturday Evening Post and Americas first female battlefield war correspondent during WWI? A. Corra W. Harris*, B. Rebecca L. Felton, C. Margaret Mitchell, D. Martha Berry E. Velma TilleySS8CG1PCPJFH
97 What Bartow Baptist missionary established a local female high school and was among the first female missionaries to China where she eventually died from starvation? A. Lottie Moon*, B. Rebecca Felton, C. Corra Harris, D. Lucy Wheeler, E. Frances BartowSS8CG1PCPJFH
98"In the Valley" was the Bartow County Rydal home for Corra Harris, famed national author. The home was restored by local preservationist, Jodie Hill and donated in 2009 to what college/university?
A. Georgia Highlands,
B. Berry College,
C. University of West Georgia,
D. Reinhardt University
E. Kennesaw State University*
99A local non-profit organization operates more than a quarter million square feet of museum space within three separate museums in Bartow County, ranging in content from history to art to science. What are the three museums? A. Kingston Woman's History Club, B. Bartow History Museum*, C. Booth Western Art Museum*, D. Euharlee History Museum, E. Tellus Science Museum*SS8CG1PCPTG
100What major motion picture starring Reece Witherspoon and Colin Firth was made in the Old Dome Courthouse in 2012? A. This Means War, B. I Walk the Line, C. Sweet Home Alabama, D. Devil's Knot*, E. The Three StoogesSS8CG1PCPJFH
101The Booth Western Art Museum ranks in size among the top 5 museums in Georgia. What position does it hold among all Georgia museums? A. First, B. Second*, C. Third, D. Fourth, E. FifthSS8CG1PCPTG
104What former baseball player began his career with ATCO in the North Georgia Textile League advancing to the major leagues in 1937? A. Donavon Tate, B. Rudy York*, C. Robert Levette, D. Ronnie Brown, E. Josh BrownSS8CG1PCPGP
105For 25 years before his death in 1903, this Bartow County resident published articles in the Atlanta newspaper under the pen name of Bill Arp*. ÊWho was this man? A. Matt Shinall, B. Charles Smith, C. Uriah Stephens, D. Lukus Cunyus, E. Ferman BishipSS8CG1PCPGP
106In 1886, the Rev. Sam Jones built at his own expense a large open-air worship structure in Cartersville. For twenty years until his death, thousands came annually to hear him preach at this location. What was the name given to this structure?
A. Sam Jones Tabernacle*
B. The Ryman Auditorium
C. The Sanctuary
D. The Cathedral
E. Holy Temple of Redemption
107The former Cartersville home of the renowned evangelist Sam Jones is now a house museum owned by Bartow County. What is the name of this home?
A. Pine Grove
B. The Cliffs
C. Walnut Grove
D. Valley View
E. Roselawn*
108The former Bartow County home of Corra Harris is now owned by Kennesaw State University. What name did Harris give this property?
A. Etowah Cliffs
B. In the Valley*
C. Fairview
D. Oak Grove
E. Pinelog
109This former thoroughbred racehorse trainer from Argentina who resided at Old Mill Farm in Cartersville was in 1980 inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. He was best known locally for his two Kentucky Derby winners, Decidedly in 1962 and Northern Dancer in 1964. Who was this man?
A. Bill Arp
B. Jimmy Dillenger
C. J. L. Davis
D. Horatio. Luro*
E. Shooky Scheen
110Charles Henry Smith, known by many as 'Bill Arp', was considered by this famous author as 'one of the few real American humorists'. Who was this famous author who created such characters as Tom Sawyer and 'Huckleberry Finn?
A. Samuel Clements*
B. Stephen King
C. Jeff Foxworthy
D. Dave Gardner
E. Jerry Clower
111Which Bartow Actor has starred in the following movies and TV episodes: Jurassic Park, Seinfeld, Dirty Dancing and Hot in Cleveland?
A. Ben Walker
B. Chole Moretz
C. Victoria Staley
D. Wayne Knight*
E. Rudy York
Resources and Geography
112In what year was the Allatoona Dam construction complete?
A. 1945
B. 1949
C. 1950*
D. 1952
E. 1946
113What three primary minerals were mined in Bartow County with the greatest economical impact?
A. Limestone
B. Barite*
C. Mangenese
D. Ochre*
E. Iron ore*
114What type of mining extraction has been most often used in Bartow County ?
A. Open pit*
B. Tunnel/Shaft
C. Hydraulic
D. Drilling
E. Quarry
115What ore was first mined in Bartow County by 1832?
A. Iron Ore
B. Gold*
C. Barite
D. Manganese
E. Limestone
116The red soil in Bartow County is a result of what natural mineral?
A. Iron Oxide *
B. Copper Oxide
C. Red Clay
D. Cinnabar
E. Manganese
117Profitable mining over all present minerals in Bartow County is "anticipated" to be exhausted by what year?
A. 2025
B. 2050
C. 2075
D. 2100
E. Unknown *
118 Ladd's Mountain is significant because
A. It is honeycombed with caverns
B. It contains some important Ice Age fossils.
C. It was the site of some prehistoric stone walls.
D. All of the above *
E. None of the above
119What Bartow County cave produce nitrate to make gun powder during the Civil War?
A. Blow Up Cave
B. Cassville Cave
C. Jolley Cave
D. Salt Peter Cave *
E. Dewey Cave
120Which of the 38 known caves in Bartow County is the largest?
A. Ladds' Mountain Cave
B. Anthony's Cave
C. Salt Peter Cave *
D. Chert Chasm
E. Little Beaver Cave
121What three geological regions does Bartow County fall into?
A. Appalachian Plateau
B. Piedmont *
C. Coastal Plain
D. Blue Ridge *
E Valley & Ridge *
122What mining entrepreneur patented Atomite, (marble by- product) and has a geological gallery named for him at the Tellus Museum?
A. Mark Cooper
B. Jimmy Dillenger
C. Jacob Stroup
D. William Wienman *
E. Mose Stroup
123What is the highest point in Bartow County?
A. Ladd's Mountain
B. PIne Log Mountain
C. Pine Mountain *
D. Iron Hill
E. Red Top Mountain
124Allatoona Dam was built in order to
A. Control flooding of the Etowah River
B. Generate electricity
C. Provide a water supply
D. Provide recreation
E. All of the above*