Stamp Creek was an agricultural community located at the intersection of what we know today as Brooke Road and Stamp Creek Road. Frederick Auton and Francis Houser Boston were one of the early families at Stamp Creek who came to Cass County (now Bartow) in the early 1840’s. Boston, along with W. C. Brooke, built a neighborhood school in about 1848, with Brooke serving as its first teacher. The school served as a community center for Stamp Creek, as a meeting house, and a polling booth for local elections. During the Civil War, the school held captured Union soldiers. A post office existed between 1878 and 1907. All that remains of the old log school is the chimney due to a 1999 fire. However, the old Boston home still stands as a reminder of this early settlement.

Source: Boston-Brooke School Remembered with Historic Marker, Vol. 34, 2000, Etowah Valley Historical Society newsletter; United States and Worldwide Postal History by Jim Forte.

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