Bartow, was home to an iron furnace operation, one mile east of Emerson on the Western & Atlantic Railroad (now CSX). The Bartow Furnace Company comprised an area of one thousand acres and operated a post office between 1875 and 1883 called Bartow Iron Works. An 1864 map indicates an earlier name of Allatoona Iron Works for this iron mining community. It was promoted before the Civil War by I. D. McDaniels and in the 1870’s was operated by Hugh McNeil of Chattanooga. The first iron ore was mined to supply the furnace operation there in 1862, and continued, more or less, until 1885. Two cemeteries are all that remain today. As of 2013, Lake Point Sporting Community & Town Center has plans to develop the property.

Source: History of Bartow County, Georgia, Formerly Cass by Lucy Josephine Cunyus; United States and Worldwide Postal History by Jim Forte.

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