Abernathyville was located in the lower Stamp Creek area in what became known as the Old Macedonia Church and cemetery. The community was first named Abernathyville because of a family of 13 brothers who moved their from North Carolina. All the brothers were blacksmiths and came to work in the Stamp Creek furnace industry. A number of stores and homes were constructed to support the families and it became unofficially known as Abernathyville. It was often marked by this name on early maps. Later the community came to include other families along with the need for a cemetery and then followed by the Macedonia Church. Over time the name gave way to become Macedonia community.

In the 1930’s Georgia Power and Congress proposed to construct a lake and dam in the Etowah Valley within Bartow County for the purpose of hydroelectric power and flood control.  The depression and WW II delayed the project until the mid 1940’s. A few small hamlets such as Abernathyville were notified that the water may  threaten or submerge homes, cemeteries, churches and stores. The hamlet of Abernathyville was eventually abandoned and structures were dismantled. Lake Allatoona and the dam were completed by 1950. The Old Macedonia Cemetery was saved by the construction of an earth dyke, but the church and school no longer survive.

More information:  http://www.oldmacedoniacemetery.com/index.html