Our community is blessed to have The Etowah Valley Historical Society working to preserve its rich history and heritage. The group has many sub-committees that work on education, research, programs, and preservation. The Bartow Quiz Bowl committee sponsors an annual competition in May for the eighth graders in Bartow County to show off their knowledge of our history, and the Oral History Project committee secures professional recordings of many of our citizens with expert knowledge on people, places, and events that have influenced our community.

These two programs in particular need funding to continue and so two years ago a fundraising committee was formed to plan an event that would secure funding for several years. The committee met regularly over dinner for over a year before the very successful event was held. Various members of the group brought dishes to share, and everyone looked forward to the next meeting to partake in a sumptuous meal. Recipes were shared and people began joking, “We should have a cookbook.”

That joke became a reality with many of the fundraising committee joining the new cookbook committee. As we met we discussed the importance of friends and family gathering to share a meal around the table and using the opportunity to share their stories as well. Our busy lives can pull us in so many directions that we sometimes forget the importance of the dinner table. We hope that you will use this cookbook to discover some new culinary treats, and while you enjoy them recall the important people, stories, and events in your life with those you love. Our goal is to get you to Come Back to the Table.