In a deed dated September 5, 1905, Dianna Patterson conveyed one half acre to the Bartow County Board of Education for the promotion of education of colored children. Funds were raised and a school was built bearing her name.  She signed the deed with an “X” which presumes she could not read or write herself, however appreciated the value of an education. At the May 6, 1924 Board meeting, Mary Patterson Terhune, on behalf of her mother, requested the Board return the land her mother had given the board in 1905 since the school there was no longer in use. The Board agreed the following month to the transfer of land to include the school building itself for a price of $10.  Patterson Grove School was located on land lot 178, 16th District/3rd Section.




Source: Bartow County Board of Education, Minutes of 05/06/1924, 06/12/1924.