OAK HILL (Northeast Bartow)


The Oak Hill School was built before 1892, as evidence shows it was used both as a community school and as the Oak Hill Baptist Church during that year. The Church itself was established in 1875, but not until 1901-1902 was a permanent church built.  The Bartow County Board of Education sold the Oak Hill School building and lot for $100 to the newly formed Pleasant Olive Baptist Church in 1939. The Board included a provision in the sales agreement which required the Church to repair the building and allow Bartow County to continue its use as a school without charge as long as it remained a school. The school house was now serving dual purposes as both the Oak Hill School and the Pleasant Olive Baptist Church. On April 12, 1940, J. E. Scoggins donated two acres of land directly behind the school and a new church was erected. When the School closed, Pleasant Olive retained the land but sold the school building for $100 to Weldon Scoggins.




Source: “Bartow County Georgia Heritage Book Vol. II” by Bartow County Genealogical Society, page 48; Bartow County Board of Education minutes.