The established date for Mount Cary Baptist Church is unknown. According to Bartow County deed records, the land for the church was formerly given to the pastor and deacons by L. H. Tumlin on April 6, 1948. A warrant in this deed stipulated that the tract of land was only to be used for a colored Baptist church, and would revert to the grantor if this stipulation was not upheld. This warrant was undone by a quitclaim deed on February 6, 1984; however, this indenture was made between Henry Tumlin, executor of estate of L.H. Tumlin, and Weldon and Hansel Thacker, leading researchers to believe that this church no longer exists. This theory is supported by the fact that there is no current location on file. If you have any more information about the history of Mount Cary Baptist Church, please contact the Etowah Valley Historical Society at


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Deed of Quitclaim from Henry Tumlin to Weldon Thacker and Hansel Thacker, 6 February 1984 (filed 8 February 1984), Bartow County, Georgia, Deed Book 456, page 408. County Recorder’s Office, Cartersville, Georgia.