The establishment date for Dewey Baptist Church in Bartow County, Georgia, is currently unknown. In 1954, according to a Bartow County deed record, land was given to Dewey Baptist Church by the Bartow County Board of Education. This deed was a replacement for a deed that had been made in 1923 but was since lost or destroyed without being recorded. The land mentioned in this deed is where the church is currently located, at 895 Spring Place Road, White, GA 30184, which is viewable on this map of Bartow County Baptist Churches: There is a second deed that was created on October 28, 1969, in which the church bought an additional tract of land for $1.00. There is a cemetery located behind the church at its current location. If you have any more information about Dewey Baptist Church, please contact the Etowah Valley Historical Society at


Deed of Sale from Bartow County Board of Education to Dewey Baptist Church, 3 July 1923 (filed 2 March 1954), Bartow County, Georgia, Deed Book 102, page 165. County Recorder’s Office, Cartersville, Georgia.

Deed of Sale from Dessie S. Worthington, J. D. Worthington and Mary Lou McCreary heirs at Law C. M. Worthington (deceased) to Dewey Baptist Church, 28 October 1969 (filed 28 October 1969), Bartow County, Georgia, Deed Book 179, page 282. County Recorder’s Office, Cartersville, Georgia.

Written and researched by Amy Young, Kennesaw State University Intern, Fall 2018.