Oral History Interviews

Martha White


https://youtu.be/xoc_bfTJmNc?feature=shared Martha White: Recalling Her Life and Banking Career March 15, 2008

Martha White2024-01-24T17:15:12-05:00

Judge Jere Fields White


https://youtu.be/F_zGsRSySuE?feature=shared Judge Jere White: My Life and Family History September 8, 2007 Interviewed by David Archer

Judge Jere Fields White2024-01-24T17:10:39-05:00

Eddie Lee Wilkins


https://youtu.be/UXcT4GrCyOE?feature=shared Eddie Lee Wilkins, NBA Legend, Youth Association Non-Profit Founder Interviewed by Krys King This living legend hopes to be remembered as someone who was honest, humbled, and always there. Brought to you by the African American History Initiative

Eddie Lee Wilkins2024-01-29T16:53:13-05:00

Joe Tilley


https://youtu.be/ZqH1WWDyiJE?feature=shared Joe Tilley February 8, 2020 Interviewed Betty Jane Tilley

Joe Tilley2024-01-24T16:54:46-05:00


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